Sly 4 Teaser Trailer Hidden in The Sly Collection

Good news for people who like platforming games, of which there has been a dearth of on this new console generation: Sly Cooper 4 is coming! Sucker Punch, who you now know from the Infamous series, hid a nice trailer for Sly 4 in the newly released Sly Collection for the PS3.

In case you didn’t play any of the Sly trilogy on the PS2, you missed out on one of the better made platformers in recent years. Clever writing, tight controls and snazzy cel-shaded graphics combined to give the PS2 another mascot candidate, along with Ratchet & Clank and Jak & Daxter. Sadly, still no sign of Jak, but here’s hoping.

[youtube width=”500″ height=”310″][/youtube]

Now that you’ve seen the proof, are you pumped up for some thieving? Was I the only one that played these games? Do you think platformers like this have a place in the current generation? Go!

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5 thoughts on “Sly 4 Teaser Trailer Hidden in The Sly Collection”

  1. woot.

    That probably just made the video. Don’t get me wrong I am still liking that they are making a new sly game, but I don’t have a console.

  2. Nick, I will be honest, I only played the first one all the way through, but I really wanted to play the other two. Now I will with the collection and Sly 4 on the PS3 makes me uber happy.

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