Heavy Rain Deleted Scenes Show “The Secrets of the Scenario”

I actually liked Heavy Rain quite a bit. I thought it was a very fresh take on both game mechanics and narrative, even if the story did become really uneven in the second half. There was something strangely compelling about this game, even if I was just deciding whether my son would eat pizza or have a healthy meal. That said, there were certain parts of the game that left me with nagging doubts, like Ethan Mars’ unexplained blackouts. Fortunately, a new video expunging the deleted scenes of Heavy Rain shows the explanation for this and many more mysteries besides. I’ve embedded the video for your viewing pleasure. Obviously, this thing is chock-full of spoilers, so beware!

This is a pretty rare glimpse into the game design process, and it filled in a lot of the blanks in Heavy Rain. Personally, I feel that most of the stuff they cut was well deserving of it, but the missing parts of Madison’s story would have been cool to play. What do you guys think of Heavy Rain’s deleted scenes?

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One thought on “Heavy Rain Deleted Scenes Show “The Secrets of the Scenario””

  1. I believe I said this on our most recent podcast, but the more I look back on the experience of Heavy Rain, the more fondly I feel about the whole thing. For some reason, I’m more willing to overlook its story issues simply for the game’s atmosphere and how it made me feel while playing it.

    That being said, I’m really glad they cut the stupid explanation for Ethan’s blackouts. As dumb as they turned out to be in the game, the real explanation is actually worse, if that’s possible. I’m also sad to see the Madison cuts. Going to her job and writing articles would have been a pretty cool addition, especially to round out her storyline and sequences.

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