GamerSushi Roll Call: Call of Duty: Black Ops

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Call of Duty: Black Ops is finally out my friends, and it’s getting good reviews across the board. From what I’ve seen, the praise is ranging from “best Call of Duty yet” to “It’s OK, but it’s Treyarch so it’s better than I expected”. Honestly, I think by this point that Treyarch have proven themselves to be a competent studio. Sure, Call of Duty 3 was a little rough, but for a franchise off-team, they’ve managed to turn things around pretty significantly (I mean, they’re no Obsidian).

In honor of this monumental release, I thought I’d get a little roll call going. Who has Black Ops, and what do you think of it? Have you tried the campaign, multiplayer or zombie mode? What do you think of all the new additions that Treyarch has made, and what about the omissions? I was a little disappointed to hear that Spec Ops mode isn’t making a return. Lastly, what platform are you gaming on? Personally, I’m going PC, but I’m tempted to pick up a 360 copy just for the achievements. I know, I know, I’m terrible. Alright, hit me!

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  1. I picked up for 360, so far Ive only played split screen death match but its fun. Ill try out online when Im done with the campaign. If anyone wants to play just add me: Shamus66

  2. I’m going to avoid giving Activision my money on this one. MW2 pissed me off for the last time with its glitches and MP unbalance.

  3. I knew better than to buy this game…I hated W@W, and I don’t like BO so far either. I know we’re going for realism nowadays, but the recoil in this game is ridiculous. I haven’t learned to control it yet and my gun just bounces across the screen. I also don’t like how it takes more to kill people, it’s just way too many bullets. If you don’t have extended mags and there are two enemies around, you’re screwed.

    On a positive note, I heard from a guy in class that the campaign is the best so far. I’m going to break from multiplayer and dive into the campaign to see how good that is.

    Oh, and it sometimes seems like we are still in WWII. There were maps when I swore I was playing W@W.

  4. ehhh…… idk im iffy on it i sorta lost my love for call of duty and WAW didn’t keep my interest in multiplayer only zombies…. idk. I think they need to make some crazy revolution or something for the series for me to go back.

  5. Beat the campaign last night. WAY BETTER THAN MW2. Was a blast and actually had a pretty good story. Trying the multiplayer tonight.

  6. I keep going back and forth on this. I think I’m probably going to end up buying it, it’s just a matter of when. Who knows, maybe I’ll ask for it for Christmas. Maybe they’ll do what World at War did and drop the price in December.

  7. I got Black Ops, and I have to say, I’m impressed. Treyarch delivered a fun CoD that fixed a lot of the crazy bullshit of MW2 and has a whole lotta cool features to boot. I’m not saying it’s 10/10 material, but it’s damn good. And the story is much better-written than MW2, oh geez yes.

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