Call of Duty: Black Ops Ad Proves There’s a Soldier in All of Us

Call of Duty: Black Ops is fast approaching (it comes out next Tuesday, November 9) and the marketing machine is ramping into over-drive. If you weren’t sick of being bombarded by Reach and Kinect ads, then you can certainly withstand this latest barrage. This new trailer/commercial is pretty clever, so you’re missing our a little if you don’t watch it. If you’ve ever wanted to see Kobe Bryant in a shoot-out with Jimmy Kimmel and a couple office workers, I’m about to make your day:

This was a really great commercial, I feel, but as Eddy pointed out to me in gmail chat there’s a distinct lack of 12 year olds running around shouting out racial epithets. I probably watched this a couple of times just to see all the little touches the film company added like the custom insignias on the guns and the writing on Jimmy Kimmel’s RPG. Since Black Ops comes out next week, we want to know: is there a soldier in you?

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7 thoughts on “Call of Duty: Black Ops Ad Proves There’s a Soldier in All of Us”

  1. I think this is actually a really clever idea for an ad for an online game, with everyday people as soldiers. My favorite shot is the last one, with the slow motion explosion and the dude throwing out the pistols.

  2. I dont know, I think this could have used some more Hulk Hogan.

    Yeah but I liked this commercial, perfect length for me, didnt drag on and showed enough to get me excited again.

  3. haha. This makes me happy. Doesn’t make me want to buy the game, but very cool approach. Anyone remember the banned Finger-Gun XBOX commercial? That was pretty great too.

  4. +1 Julez, I love that ad.
    This one’s also great. While there is certainly a soldier in me, I’ll probably pick this game up a week or two after release. AC:ODST is higher on my Want List.

  5. Awesome commercial, although I’m still not going to buy the game, unless it just gets amazing reviews. Surprising to see that video games are finally getting good, non cheesy commercials like this and Reach’s.

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