Battlefield Goes Free to Play, Brings Back Best Map Ever

Strike at Karkand. If you didn’t start immediately salivating when you read those words, then you must have never played the greatest multiplayer map in the history of PC First Person Shooters (except de_dust of course). For everyone still trying to wipe drool from their desk, this news is for you. Battlefield is adding another notch on its free-to-play belt with the addition of Battlefield Play4Free, a new game combining the maps of Battlefield 2 with some measure of the Frostbite engine that powered the Bad Company games and 1943. Check out the trailer below:

No word on how “free” this game will remain once you want to start equipping your character with different weapons and skins, but I can’t pass up another opportunity to play on Karkand. If you go and sign up at the Battlefield Play4Free website, you have a chance to get into the closed Beta. See you on the battlefield, soldier! Also, jets.

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  1. Ive been praying to the gaming gods for this ever since the frostbite engine was introduced! Ahhh I can not wait to get my hands on this

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