A Portrait of the Decade’s Best Video Game Characters

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Wow. What you see above is just a small piece of a huge portrait that Game Informer revealed today, which will make up three distinct covers of the December 2010 issue, shipping soon to subscribers. The subject of this portrait? Thirty Characters Who Defined a Decade.

Not only is it fascinating artwork, it’s also an interesting way to recap 10 years of worth of gaming, all at one thought-provoking glance. In total, the portrait shows thirty characters, each original to this generation. While it leans a bit heavy to some newer games, and leaves out some fan favorites like Solid Snake or Leon from Resident Evil 4 (since they first appeared in the 90s), it for the most part encapsulates a decade of remarkable video games, and produces some instant nostalgia.

Seriously, go look at it. Full list of characters after the jump.

1. Wanderer
2. Kos-Mos
3. Ethan Mars
4. Illusive Man
5. Professor Layton
6. Master Chief
7. Phoenix Wright
8. Commander Shepard
9. Alyx Vance
10. Raz
11. Glados
12. Andrew Ryan
13. The Boss
14. Nathan Drake
15. Tim (Braid)
16. Elena
17. Altaïr ibn La-Ahad
18. HK-47
19. The King of All Cosmos
20. John Marston
21. Bonnie MacFarlane
22. James “Jimmy” Hopkins
23. Captain Price
24. Kaim
25. Loghain
26. Kratos
27. Tommy Vercetti
28. Niko
29. Jade
30. Auron

Looking at this picture makes me think that we really have had a robust and great decade of video games to enjoy. I’ll admit I’m a little surprised we didn’t see the Prince of Persia referenced on here, as well as Sam Fisher or a character from WoW. I’m also finding the inclusion of KOS-MOS a bit curious, as well as the “Bully”, Jimmy Hopkins.

What do you guys think of this list? Any notable snubs that I’m missing? What would you say about this decade of gaming by taking a look at this? What do you think of the artwork? Go!

Source – Game Informer

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6 thoughts on “A Portrait of the Decade’s Best Video Game Characters”

  1. While I am surprised that Jimmy Hopkins from Bully made the list, I am glad he is on there. That game is absolutely incredible, and one of Rockstar’s best games, easily. It may be my Favorite Rockstar game that they have made. It’s incredibly underrated, which is a shame.

  2. That truly is artful. I liked the blue portal showing Alex’s back. It was a nice touch. I was very glad to see Andrew Ryan in there as he’s one of my favourite antagonists. Auron is also one of my favourite Final Fantasy characters too so I’m glad to see him dragging his zombie self over to the painting. Wander, Ethan Mars, Captain Price, Glados, this really brings memories old and (mostly) new flooding back.
    JC Denton (Deus Ex was 2000 right?) is quite an omission as well as the likes of Ratchet and Clank or Jack and Daxter. Not complainin or anything but they’re certainly more important than Jimmy Hopkins or Kaim in my opinion.

  3. This is great. I suggest looking at it first without reading the list, it makes it cool when you can name the characters.

    I would have liked to see one of the Left 4 Dead characters on there. I guess if you put one you gotta put the others and thats too much space on the list. Im glad John Marston made it but I dont get adding Bonnie. Im just glad it wasnt Seth or Nigel West Dickens.

    Cool list, nice art, but Marcus Fenix and/or Cole seems to be missing lol

  4. I think since Prince of Persia was a remake, they likely excluded him.
    I think Lightning from FFXIII should have made it. Despite my initial distaste, she became a very strong female character.

  5. I think the Lich King from WoW should have been added, but otherwise that is so amazing, I hope my issue is the one with Shepard and Chief. Also I’ll probably buy a poster of this. Oh and btw that’s Ezio, not Altair.

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