GamerSushi Poll: How Many Hours a Week Do You Spend Playing Video Games?

It seems like forever ago, but a discussion happened on our podcast that covered the topic of how many hours a week a “hardcore” gamers spends on playing games (the answer was something ridiculous like 45+). We decided that this survey was a bit skewed, and it only occurred to me just now that we never conducted a census of our own.

I’m here to remedy this situation with a new poll, which you shall cast your votes on. It’s rather simple, we just want to know how many hours a week you spend glued to your TV or PC monitor. Personally, I’d say about 10-15 because anymore than that interferes with “real life”, that bothersome thing that keeps making me go to work and pay rent. That’s just me though. What about you?

How Many Hours a Week Do You Play Games?

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10 thoughts on “GamerSushi Poll: How Many Hours a Week Do You Spend Playing Video Games?”

  1. I used to play 20+ but with my terrible sleeping habits and women ripping my heart out of my chest I fell into depression and I lately feel too tired to actually play a game.

  2. I worked out a rough estimate on my calculator and I got 19 hours. This is less than I expected so I’m going to (starting next week IF I actually remember) get a rough idea of how much gaming I do in a school week. I always try to get some gaming in each night to blow off some steam, a little bit on Friday before going out with my girlfriend and Saturday and Sunday (provided nothings going on) I’ll play about 4-5 hours (sometimes more) throughout the day. Less if I, say, watch a film or I watch TV. Maybe it’s because I’m a student I get that much time.

  3. Anything over about 12 hours means I’m not sleeping more than 5 hours a night, which can be pretty disastrous. Still happens, depending on what life is throwing at me at the time, but it’s usually not pretty.

  4. The last time we discussed this, I checked Steam. According to it this time, for the last two weeks I’m at 58 hours, although this is simply because of New Vegas (43 hours of that). I’d say when I get a new game, I’m a 20+ til it’s done (like the last week and a half), but on a “regular basis” I’m more of a 10 – 15, closer to the 15 side.

  5. Ready for this one guys, for the past two three months and before that it has only been up to an hour a week. Do I need to revoke my Hardcore gamer title now? I used to be able to shred any TF2 server with my scout, solly, spy action but unfortunately Life gets in the way of these important skills.

  6. Stupid real-life. I consider myself lucky if I can play any games at all. Although when I do play, I play in long streaks. So yeah, basically every week I blow 5-10 hours on games (currently New Vegas) followed by 6 days of working too hard.

  7. 10-15 is what I voted for, too. I wish it was more, sadly. I really only get to play games these days on the weekends, because as benign said if I’m doing more than that it means I’m not sleeping during the week.

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