Def Jam Rapstar Ad is Full of WTF

I’ll be honest: half the reason I am posting this video is to make sure someone didn’t spike my food with a concentrated dose of LSD because I am clearly seeing unnatural things. The new ad for Def Jam Rapstar, the hip hop based karaoke game, features Hulk Hogan, his daughter the failed pop star, Brooke Hogan and Jimmy “Mouth of the South” Hart, hanging out, playing some Def Jam Rapstar and making me wonder what manner of crack the marketing team that thought this one up is smoking.

Video below, but be warned: it features a daughter shaking her ass for her father and said father flashing his old man junk, although, in an act of kindness, it’s censored.

Still with me? Okay, try to breathe, we can get through this together. Seriously, what demographic are they aiming for here??? This has to be the worst ad for a video game I have ever seen in my life. Hulk Hogan lives in my area and I vow to you, if I ever see him, (and it has happened) I will get some answers.

However, the question remains: are you going to buy Def Jam Rapstar now? Does this ad make you want to give up on video games forever? Or are you incapable of speech right now? Snap out of your comas and comment!

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10 thoughts on “Def Jam Rapstar Ad is Full of WTF”

  1. No words could describe that atrocity. But as far as the game goes, why would I pay 60 dollars to rap to a song that I could do through youtube for free?

  2. Okay, thinking rationally once again.

    That might be the most horrifying ninety-two seconds of film I’ve ever seen.

    Hulk Hogan just shit all over my childhood. Every Wrestlemania memory I have is irrevocably tainted with the stench of this celluloid atrocity.

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