GamerSushi Asks: Halloween Costumes?

Bioshock 2 Halloween costume

Trick-or-treat, GamerSushi dudes and ladies. Since it’s officially Halloween, and I’m answering the door for screaming hooligans that want candy, I thought I’d stop in to ask you guys about the day of scares and pumpkins.

Myself, I just played NBA2K11 all day, and it’s seriously one of the best sports games of this generation. It’s definitely some of the most fun I’ve had playing a basketball game, and yes, that includes the boom-shaka-laka NBA Jam days of old. In terms of Halloween festivities, last night I helped carve a pumpkin (and by that I mean I watched someone do it), and later tonight I plan on watching the junk out of Walking Dead. However, Friday was the Halloween highlight of the weekend, seeing as how I won a costume contest at work by dressing like Bob the consultant from Office Space. I’m not always a huge costume guy, but that one was a fun one that got a lot of laughs. I only wish I could grow a mustache like that.

What about you guys? Did any of you have any awesome Halloween costumes this year? See any awesome video game related ones? What did you guys do for Halloween? Go!

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4 thoughts on “GamerSushi Asks: Halloween Costumes?”

  1. While I don’t celebrate Halloween (yeah if I had some demons demand candy, I’d just smack ’em over the head with my Bible lol), I would have dressed up in a Vault 13 Jumpsuit, and maybe added some cardboard to make a shoulder pad and all the other bits of armor. And then I’d ask if any of the candy was irradiated, and I’d also try to buy some stuff with caps. Oh man that would be funny.

  2. We had parties at our house thursday, friday and Saturday night.. Sunday, I stayed in bed until 9PM with a pretty bad hangover, came out to watch the South Park special and some ghoulish film. I plan on doing my gaming tonight!

  3. I had an ODST costume home made and wore it to my friends party in SD. Playing beer pong with the helmet on is near on impossible though.

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