PS3 Narrows The Xbox 360’s Lead To 3 Million

After Eddy’s initial foray at starting a console war earlier this week, this bit of news has come to light that might really get some panties in a twist, although why this would bother anybody escapes me. Turns out that the PS3 has, according to VGChartz, pulled to within 3 million or so consoles worldwide of the Xbox 360. Of course, the Wii is so far ahead of them both that Nintendo likely wouldn’t even click on this article if they came across it on the Internet.

What’s interesting about this is that the PS3 still lags in the United States and Canada by a wide margin, but is much more popular in Japan and especially Europe. Another aspect worth mentioning is the 360’s year head start, which has basically been nullified, although I have a feeling that Kinect will widen the gap once again for Microsoft.

After the expensive price tag and tons of bad press, it appears the PS3 has the Eye of the Tiger and is not going down without a fight. Is this surprising to you? Have you taken the plunge? Do you think the PS3 will ever surpass the 360? Flame on!

Source: VGChartz

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4 thoughts on “PS3 Narrows The Xbox 360’s Lead To 3 Million”

  1. I think that the PS3 may pass the 360 if Sony gets some great new exclusive games, but otherwise it may still stay just below. I’m saying this from the perspective of a PC gamer so i have not played the PS3 almost at all, but if i had to get a console it would be the PS3. Just saying.

  2. I think Kinect might push the 360, because it’s a total new technology, not just a Wii clone. Also, you know the news will rave on how Microsoft is “revolutionizing games forever”

  3. [quote comment=”14391″]Yeah, the Kinect isn’t really new technology. It’s just a slightly modified PS EYE.[/quote]
    The technology in Kinect versus the Eye is like comparing a modern PC to a Commodore.

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