From Dust is Like Minecraft on Steroids

If you haven’t heard of Ubisoft’s From Dust, which drops sometime next year on PC, PSN and XBLA, it’s a sandbox god-style simulation game that lets you shape the world as you see fit. Create mountains and forests, form new rivers and protect the inhabitants of the island, and do it all with the aid of truly gorgeous visuals.

While this is a bit old, yesterday I caught this From Dust tech demo and found myself thoroughly blown away. It looks like the drunken lovechild of Minecraft and Sim City, and I mean that in the absolute best way it can possibly be taken. Just watching this video brings back memories of letting natural disasters destroy my complaining taxpayers. Does that mean I’m evil?

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6 thoughts on “From Dust is Like Minecraft on Steroids”

  1. Oggyb, I think a PC release is a must. Games like that are hard to play with sticks.

    This looks super cool, however only having access to 4 or 5 elements would make it far more basic than Minecraft, even if it’s level of polish is a million times higher.

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