Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Trailer Welcomes You to Rome

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood (or AC:ODST if you aren’t sick of that joke) just went gold, and to celebrate Ubisoft has dropped a new trailer on us showing a bit more of Rome and the various characters. Also included is some footage of the city being renovated and Ezio’s hired hands kicking ass. If you’re so inclined, we’ve embedded the trailer below for your viewing pleasure.

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood is the second last big title dropping for me this year, and that’s especially welcome considering how much my wallet is hurting. 2010 has been quite the year, and I’m probably going to be in serious debt for a while. We’ve posted a few trailers on Brotherhood before, but as always we’d like to read your opinions if you feel like giving them. Now that we’re almost out of the holiday blitz, are you revising your spending plans?

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood drops November 16 on the Xbox 360 and PS3 with a PC release following next year.

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2 thoughts on “Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Trailer Welcomes You to Rome”

  1. The crossbow, I remember it in the Assassins Creed 1 trailer and then heard it was dropped for throwing knifes. I thought the little wrist gun in AC2 was a fun addition, not really effective though. Anyway, ranged kills save a lot of time so Im hoping they put a little extra into making it work. I have a feeling this will get lukewarm reviews but Im so addicted to this franchise I’ll probably pick it up day 1, if this is anything like ODST I’ll be a happy man lol

  2. Can’t wait. My friend and I (both big Assassins Creed fans) are looking forward to this and we both think the multiplayer looks quite interesting.

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