Noble Map Pack Trailer Shows the Stuff You Wish Would Happen in Halo: Reach

I don’t know about you guys, but every time I see a multiplayer trailer for any game I get a little sad, mostly because I know I can never do anything as awesome as what’s depicted. Hit a man-cannon and Spartan Laser a tank? It’s more likely that I’ll get assassinated. Armor lock an oncoming Banshee so it explodes? I’ll probably miss the button by one second and get splattered. All of these feats and more occur in the new trailer for the upcoming DLC for Halo: Reach, the Noble Map Pack.

Now that we’ve seen the maps in action, has anyone had their opinions revised? Apparently you can go outside the field on Anchor 9 and into space, so consider me sold. I’m desperately trying to get the last Achievement for Halo: Reach (Make it Rain) before the DLC comes out and ruins my 100% completion. Everyone here in the same boat, or am I alone in my shame? The Noble Map Pack hits November 30, 2010.

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4 thoughts on “Noble Map Pack Trailer Shows the Stuff You Wish Would Happen in Halo: Reach”

  1. 100% the game a couple weeks ago, glad to see the upcoming map pack is going to be awesome. Definitely going to buy day 1.

  2. Excited for some new maps. So far, been pretty disappointed in Reach’s map selection, though I love the game itself.


    Deploying for basic? How long will you be gone?

  3. I want more maps, agreed with Eddy, the maps are pretty dull. It kind of sucks.

    Good luck in deployment LTL

    p.s. – armor lock is annoying as #$%@ and for whores.

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