Seven Minute Metal Gear Solid 3DS Demo is Still in a Dream

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is probably still one of my favorite video games ever, so the news that this classic will soon become portable on the Nintendo 3DS is enough to give me mind boners, to coin a term Eddy once used for the Dragon Age cinematic trailer. We’ve seen snippets of the Metal Gear Solid 3DS demo here and there since E3, but never in English, and certainly not for seven minutes. I’ve embedded the demo for Metal Gear Solid 3DS below for your viewing pleasure:

No word of a lie, that was incredible. I mean, it lacks the pop of the 3D, but you definitely get a sense that when we get this thing in our hands we’re going to be blown away. When the Snake Eater theme comes on at the end of the video, I kind of lost it. I mean, I am a huge fan of MGS3, so that’s my natural reaction, but how do you guys feel? Were you as riveted as I was? Are you waiting on a different 3DS title to grab you?

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3 thoughts on “Seven Minute Metal Gear Solid 3DS Demo is Still in a Dream”

  1. This looks so amazing, I’m definitely thinking about getting a 3DS. I wish they would release an Ocarina of Time trailer like this one, because that’s what I’m really looking forward to.

  2. I wasn’t even interested in Metal Gear Solid until I heard it was coming for the 3DS. Now that I’ve seen it, I really want it.

    This kind of technology is amazing. I’m seriously hoping the sound card is stellar as well, or I’m going to be disappointed. Unless Sony can get their head in the game, I believe the 3DS is the future of handheld gaming: crisp graphics and a strong library of past and present titles.

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