Apparently 80% of Gamers Don’t Mind 3D Glasses

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To me, one of the most exciting prospects of the Nintendo 3DS is that it can provide the promised benefits of 3D gaming without having to sport some new 3D glasses while enjoying its retro titled goodness. I have never been one to criticize the idea of 3D gaming simply for what it is, but rather because the glasses are just something that I’m not interested in wearing every time I fire up a disc. But maybe I’m alone in that.

It seems that a new study from the U-Decide Initiative has found that as much as 80% of gamers don’t view 3D glasses as a barrier to enter into the next dimension of gaming, and wouldn’t mind donning 3D glasses in order to do so. The study also found that interest in 3D was indeed greater when glasses weren’t part of the equation, but even still, the numbers are different than what I would have suspected. Granted, all studies like this need to be handled with a grain of salt, but I still found the idea to be interesting, nonetheless.

So what do you guys think of this? Are 3D glasses a breaking point for you when it comes to 3D gaming? Or is it more about the price involved in purchasing a TV that can support it? Challenge my assumptions! Do it!

Source – Industry Gamers

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6 thoughts on “Apparently 80% of Gamers Don’t Mind 3D Glasses”

  1. I don’t know how much I trust this study, since probably about at least %30 of gamers wear prescription glasses, which would make it very hard to wear 3D glasses. Although I do not wear glasses, I cannot see myself wearing those damn 3D ones during one of my multi hour Halo sessions. I’m simply not interested in 3D unless there are no glasses evolved, AND when 3D TV prices go down to a reasonable level. Until then, I’m just fine.

  2. Well, I’m pretty indifferent about wearing the 3D glases. I can’t say that I’ve used some of the newer glasses for the consoles, but I’ve used the ones for 3D TV’s, and I’ve had to use normal Red/Blue glasses to play 3D on my computer until I get the actual kit from Nvidia.
    Not to mention that 3D is pretty nice.

  3. I think it’s a conspiracy involving a few of the recent threads here. “They” are hoping that by pushing 3D, they can make games more repetitive, less unique, and continue to clone the same old games, but spiced up with 3D.

    Lol. I’m not interested. I bet they went into a 5th Grade classroom and asked 10 kids. The 2 that said “no” were picking their nose. I wouldn’t wear glasses, I don’t want to hurt my brain with the illusion of 3D.

  4. I’m all for 3D at a reasonable price but the glasses really bug me, I have to wear prescriptions and I hate the fact that I have to slap on another set of glasses over the ones I’m currently wearing.

    Glasses that can do sunglasses, 3D and X-Ray all built in are the way forward.

  5. I’m still concerned that doctors are gonna come around and end up saying “your fucking up your eyes” with all the 3d also most developers aren’t going to make an interesting 3d experience it’s gonna be really lame and gimmicky.

  6. +1 Piers_D
    As a four-eyes I always find it awkward when watching 3D movies. I usually change what way I’m wearing my perscription glasses and my 3D glasses throughout the film about 20 times (Just 3D, 3D and perscription, just 3D, etc.).

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