Minecraft Combines With Portal for a Delicious Video

Crazy Minecraft videos are kind of becoming all the rage here at GamerSushi, and really, can you blame us? The game, which basically plonks you down on a random map and goes “have fun”, has inspiried more crazy creations than any other title I can remember. This may be Minecraft’s refusal to guide your hand and leave most players to their devices, but it could just be that inside all of us is some crazy megalomaniac builder waiting to be let free. Just take this most recent example where YouTuber kopierjunge made a Portal game inside Minecraft. Madness!

I also give props to this guy for not including any cake jokes. I hope none of you are getting sick of funny or wild Minecraft videos, becuase I’m certainly not. Just think, if someone can make Portal in Minecraft, how far away are we from other ports? Halo? Civilization? Just think of the possibilities. What game would you like to see emulated in Minecraft?

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  1. This is absolutely crazy, I would try it, but it looks like a huge time sink. Like I need more of those.

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