Go Behind the Scenes of Halo: Reach’s Deliver Hope

18 Oct 2010 | Posted by

The most recent of the Halo live action trailers, Deliver Hope for Halo:Reach was a pretty decent affair, featuring a lot of firsts for the commercials such as live action Spartans and Elites, among other things. Microsoft recently put up a behind the scenes video for Deliver Hope that delves into all the work that went into making this trailer a reality:

I always appreciate these kinds of sneak peeks, but seeing a man don Kat’s armor kind of ruined it for me. Also, note how they only show snippets of the Elite costume but never give us a look at the whole thing in motion. Overall, it’s still a pretty cool video showing the making of one of the most elaborate commercials of all time.


  • SK Beans said:

    I wish they went a bit more in depth, but pretty cool none the less.

  • Sean said:

    Little secret: My girlfriend and I are attempting to make Spartan armor. For realsies

  • Piers_D said:

    I love watching these kind of behind the scenes stuff, was a bit of a bummer not seeing the whole Elite put together but still very cool.