GamerSushi Asks: Favorite NES Game?

Nintendo Entertainment SystemAs we talked about in our awesome new podcast, this is the 25th Anniversary of the Nintendo Entertainment System, commonly referred to these days as the NES. This blocky console revived the video game industry, launched dozens of franchises that we still play today and generated enough gaming memories to last a lifetime.

Which is why this list of the Top 25 NES Games from 1up got me thinking. In the podcast, we talk about some of the more obscure games, but we shouldn’t ignore the popular ones either. After all, they are popular for a damn good reason: they’re awesome. Personally, Final Fantasy, Super Mario Bros 3, Dragon Warrior and The Legend of Zelda and Contra were my favorite NES games. Metroid was a bit much for me at that age, so it just misses the list.

What about you? What NES games were your favorites? Did the 1UP list put anything too high or too low? Hit me!

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7 thoughts on “GamerSushi Asks: Favorite NES Game?”

  1. Super Mario Bros 1 and 3, Bomberman and Contra. Contra still is my NES favorite game. I remember when my NES suddenly stopped working and then I got a fake one(that broke too) before my dad got me a SNES. Strangely I was playing a game at the time like gradius/r-type/lifeforce but I’m not really sure what it was. I’ve tried to find it out but no luck so far. I guess it sucked for most people.

  2. SMB 1-3 Contra 1-2 Castlevania 1 and 3 and a suprisingly great NES game was Batman based of the Tim Burton movie it’s really kickass.

  3. Considering I was only born just before the SNES came out and didn’t get into gaming until the N64 I’ve never played a NES game. But listening to the most recent podcast, I feel like I’ve missed so many awesome games. I’ve tried a couple of emulators but it just isn’t as good.

  4. I still remember playing SMB3 the day it came out. Other favorites that I didn’t mention on the podcast were the WWF game, the Ninja Turtles Arcade game and Contra.

  5. I’m too young to have had one of these but my cousins did keep theirs and I did play Duck Hunt and Super Mario Bros. 2D platformers were really hard 🙁

  6. I was born during the 16-bit era, so my only experience courting the NES was with the NES games you could get in Animal Crossing, but the two games I was hooked on were Wario’s Woods and Donkey Kong. Something really drew me to those games, and they had really good replay value. I hardly even touched Super Mario Bros. I did dabble in a bit of Zelda, but was turned off by the lack of direction and the difficulty.

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