GamerSushi Asks: Insane Gaming Stories?


Epic multiplayer matches. Horrid save fails. Ridiculous things that you pulled off, wishing someone had been there to witness what could have been a storied feat. We all have those ridiculous gaming stories, things that defy explanation, logic or just happen to be worth their weight in lulz.

I find that these most often take the best shape in either sandbox games or in multiplayer. Exhibit A: my Halo: Reach Killtrocity from a few weeks ago is something I’m quite proud of, in the nerdiest way possible (you’ll notice several GamerSushi editors being dominated). In terms of other stories, I’m finding that Minecraft seems to produce them from everybody that I talk to. It’s just one of those games where the unthinkable happens. For instance, my friend was playing and mined underground so long that he got lost from his spawn point. When he dug his way back to the surface and found that the sun was setting, he hurriedly pulled his compass and accidentally threw it into the ocean. He never found his way back home, died, and lost all of his stuff. It happens.

Hearing all of these hilarious things lately made me wonder what the deal was with you guys. So, what are some of your favorite gaming stories? Feel free to share!

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  1. I’ve got way too many to think of. Though I can share the best one.

    It was when my friend first introduced me to Oblivion. I was running around (after going to the Hawk Haven room), and my friend noticed I had forgotten pants. So, though I had Ebony armor, instead of going back to get nice pants, I killed a random homeless person and took their sack-cloth pants. Then I ran into a church and ran down stairs. My friend then said “Oh, don’t go down there!” But I went into the crypt anyway. Then he said “I hope you didn’t wake the evil spirits.” And next thing I know, ghosts started coming out of the floor. I ran back through the door screaming, and locked the door again, but then the ghost came out and killed all the people in the church.
    So many stories I could tell from Oblivion, so I figured I’d say my first one.

  2. Lots of CS memories, one from off the top of my head: The other day we were playing de_westwood, bomb was planted in the Saloon, and I was the last CT alive against only one T who was a clan mate. I was goofing off, so I had thrown my M4 away and picked up a scout that was on the roof. I was running accross a tiny rope that links two buildings, and heard the T beneath me on the other side of a fence.

    While strafing accross this tiny rope, I running no-scoped headshot him through a wooden fence you can’t see through. Then , of course, defused. You can only imagine the shouting that ensued in a server with 30 people.

  3. Mine was in TF2 a couple of years ago. Playing as a sniper on Dustbowl 3, in one life I managed to score 27 points I think. What made it even more insane was that only 5 of those points came from my sniper rifle. Basically I was playing as a kamikaze, rushing up to the front lines, popping off a couple of shots, then flailing around with the machete. And somehow it worked. One of my teams medics attached himself to me, even got 2 ubercharges out of it. Couldn’t believe how well that life went – so many melee kills, even took out a level 3 sentry with one of the ubers, even had one of my teammates make comment about how i was “on fire” over the voice which has never happened before or since. Unfortunately I tried to push forward once too often and walked into a sticky bomb trap 🙁

  4. An old time favorite from back in the day was a friend of mine who got so tired of me shooting him down in Starfox 64 multiplayer that he deliberately crashed his ar-wing to avoid getting shot down again.

    The most ridiculous memory, though, was from a weeklong getaway with some old friends in Louisville, Kentucky (don’t ask, it’s a long story). The four of us spent the better part of the week shut up in my friend’s apartment drinking heavily and playing NFL Street about 10 hours a day. We made a team (the Hellz Yarz), created ourselves in the game, filled out the rest of the roster with friends who didn’t make the trip, and launched into the most intense, profanity laden season of video game football that’s ever been played.

    It was an absolute catastrophe. By the end of the week, we had even bought a pack of white tank tops and used a blue Sharpie to make “Hellz Yarz” jerseys for ourselves emblazoned with every catchphrase that we adopted during the week of playing the game. We got to the point where we ran a four player co-op game of Street with the efficiency of a Hall of Fame quarterback running a 2 minute drill.

    Aside from a few all night co-op sessions of Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance 2 (which produced some memorable stories as well), I think that week of playing NFL Street was the most fun I’ve ever had playing a video game.

    And yes, I still have the “jersey”…

  5. This is one of those topics where I have so many incredible stories, I don’t know where to even begin. Buuut, I do have a recent story that is epic-uber-sexual-awesome. I’ve been replaying Pokemon Blue but with Nuzlocke Challenge rules. The two biggest rules are “If a Pokemon faints, it is considered dead and cannot be revived and must be released.” and “You are limited to catching the very first Pokemon you see in an area. That means that you have one chance to catch the very first Pokemon you see. Exceptions include the beginning of the game when you haven’t purchased your first Pokeballs yet, as well as redundant Pokemon or Pidgeys and Rattatas.”
    So I had by Squirtle (named Deluge), a Pidgey (named Halcyon), and a Nidoran Girl (named Victoria) and I had leveled them up to 9, so I decided to enter Viridian Forest. I was walking in the entrance of the forest, and I was expecting to find a Caterpie, though I joked to myself “Hey, what if I find a Pikachu here?”
    I enter a patch of grass on the right edge of the forest. A battle begins, and, lo and behold…


    I Tackled and Caught that bitch! I named him Tengri, after the Mongolian god of the sky and lightning, and it’s quite a sexy name. AH FUCKIN AWESOME-SEX-PWNAGE!!! I HAVE A MOTHERFUCKING PIKACHU FROM GODDAMN VIRIDIAN FOREST BITCHES!!!

    Yeah so, I was incredibly funking lucky that I got a Lv.5 PIKACHU – MOTHAHFUCKAHZZZ – so early in the game. I was able to rape the shiznaz out of Misty, and I enjoyed zapping my rival’s Pidgeotto with an Overkill Thundershock and a 5-level lead.

    Holy shit man, I have a fucking Pikachu. And this is for the whole damn game! AAAAWWWWESSSSOOOOOOOOMMMME!!!

  6. There have been so many moments where something amazing has happened and Ive jumped up looked around and saw my dog looking at me with that “so what” look. Most of my favorite memories are when someone gets whats coming to them.

    I was on Gears of War 2 with a full team of my buddies, we joined a game against a group of 5, all matching gamertags, all level 100, and all yelling instead of talking. Before the match started I calmly said “Good luck in the upcoming match” mostly as a joke because we knew we get destroyed, with 2 seconds left until the match started I got a “NO YOU NEED THE LUCK MOTHERF”, match starts. We go down 0-4 rounds and the shit talking wouldnt stop. All my friends died in the fifth round and I was downed, being the douches that they were, they humped me and stuck me with smoke. I tapped A faster then I ever have, got up and shot one right in the chin. In the smoke I managed to kill one more and dive behind cover. I grabbed grenades, killed another, downed one, used him as bait. When his friend went to pick him up I got both of them with my other grenade. You couldnt wipe the smile off my face with a baseball bat. Anyway the rest was like a disney movie, each of my friends stepped up and we won in a 4-4 sudden death with the “head douche” downed in the end, part of me wanted to tag him with a smoke but a chainsaw did fine. We were silent in the postgame lobby, with 5 seconds left I said “Dont worry guys maybe some say youll be as good as us, keep practicing, good luck.” I got messages for the next couple hours yelling things I probably shouldnt type.

    If thats too long for you one time I hit a rocket with a gravity hammer in Halo 3 and it launched into my friends hornet off in the distance.

  7. Well there was that one time where I was hyped up on V and was playing counter strike. It was in scoutknives, and I suck compared to everyone else on CS:S. It was a major surprise to me when i was walking around the corner to the right of the map, i had my scout noscope, turned the corner, shot wildly into the air, and killed 2 admins with one freaking bullet.


  8. Mine would of been ages ago in CSS. Back when steam still supported 98. I had 98, and I had no sound whatsoever. It was a full on 16v16 on dust 1. I was the last ct alive and all 16 ts were alive. I camped at site b (or whatever one isn’t the one at ct spawn) behind a box, and I kept chatting out “wait for it… wait for it” taking a wild guess when the guy would plant the bomb. I ran out and he just finished planting. I knifed him and no other T was around and I defused successfully. So I beat an entire team of 16 on my own and took a guess when the bomb was planted. I was very pleased with myself.

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