Bungie Announces Noble Map Pack for November 30th

We’re exactly a month after Halo: Reach’s monumental release, and we keep finding things to post about it. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! For the small but vocal minority out there that have been lambasting Reach for its relatively slim selection of multiplayer maps, Bungie has heard your cries.

Coming at us next month for 800 Microsoft Points, or 10 real life dollars, the Noble Map Pack will deliver three new maps and 250 Achievement points. Considering that I still haven’t beaten the game on Legendary solo (it’s really hard!) I can only imagine what these new cheevos will bring. Halo 3 had some ridiculous Achievements added after the fact, so my inner Achievement whore shudders to think what I’ll be going through in a month and a half. Bungie has also released some screenshots of the battlefields contained within the Noble Map Pack, so hit the jump to see them in their glory!

Anchor 9

Set aboard the low-orbit dry-dock station featured in the campaign level Long Night of Solace, Anchor 9 is a small 2-8 player map centered on Slayer matches. I’ll cut Bungie a little slack on the price tag if we’re able to propel players outside of the energy field that keeps the station safe from the chilling effects of the vacuum.





Tempest is an 8-16 player map that supports large-scale Objective games like CTF and Team Slayer matches. It’s also another big canvas for Forge users to build monuments to cultural icons like Optimus Prime and Pedobear.





Another 8-16 player offering, Breakpoint will support both Invasion and Big Team Battle gametypes. Other than being a huge map, this one has the nicest skybox in my opinion.



So there you have it, three new maps for the Halo multiplayer enthusiast. Of course, new maps coming so soon after a game’s release always looks suspicious to us gamers, so what do you guys think about the new map packs? Is Bungie just trying to increase the longevity of Reach by offering DLC, or are they trying to nickle and dime us while they can?

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5 thoughts on “Bungie Announces Noble Map Pack for November 30th”

  1. Can’t wait for this, I was a bit disappointed with the maps and I’m glad they are releasing a map pack so soon.

  2. Im glad to see the big maps, Ive been without my xbox for over a week now and trying to wait patiently for a repair, so this news didnt help lol

  3. Yeah, the maps are the weakest part of Halo: Reach. Compared to Halo 3, which are some of the best in the series, they were a bit of a disappointment. I was actually excited to hear that more are coming so soon, but I could have done without a Forge World one.

  4. I think its typical DLC Map Pack stuff, make new maps as an excuse to get money. Sure it adds a hell of a lot of fun to the games that any map pack is for, but its never free. I personally will buy this map pack (of course) despite me knowing that its just a way to please fans and make some cash. I have to agree that a lot of the Reach maps are not as fulfilling as ones on Halo 3 had been, but hopefully this will help liven it up some.

    I want to see more returns of the classics. I want my lockout and my hang em high. Bring back some of the old, but also just make some more ‘exciting’ maps.

  5. I wish they would revive some of the old maps for free. Like Make Reach like Battlefield Bad Company 2 where maps are free. I mean that would mean a lot to the players. Even Better would be if Xbox stopped forcing us to pay multiplayer.

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