Drastic Changes: Sequels That Changed The Game

A frequent discussion around GamerSushi’s worldwide headquarters is what makes a sequel worthwhile. Is it more of the same, just fine-tuned and streamlined to perfection? Or it throwing out the baby with the bathwater and starting anew? It’s a question that has a different answer depending on what series you are talking about.

Well, the fine folks at GamesRadar put together a list of Sequels That Changed Everything  and as we all know, the Internet loves lists. Personally, I don’t mind if a franchise changes things up now and again, but being a Final Fantasy fanboy, that goes with the territory. But look at the greatness that has come from such changes: Resident Evil 4 (and 5!), Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and even Mass Effect 2.

What games did you like most when they switched the style up? Are there any that you didn’t care for? What franchises need a serious make-over? GO!

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2 thoughts on “Drastic Changes: Sequels That Changed The Game”

  1. My quick answer would be Soul Reaver, but that would depend upon whether or not you consider it a true sequel to Blood Omen and whether it constitutes a genuine change or just a shift from 2d to 3d. The platforming and dimension shifting of Soul Reaver are significant additions, however. Blood Omen felt more like an upscaled SNES game that didn’t use a fraction of the PS1’s power whereas Soul Reaver pushed the system to its limits.

  2. Certainly Resi 4 is my fave example although, in fairness, I’d never actually played a Resi game before it. Recently Red Dead Redemption suits this description as it was a completely different game than the first one.

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