SEGA Admits to Making Terrible Sonic Games, Removes Them From the Shelves

Sonic Colors

If you were thinking of wandering in to your local video game store and picking up a new copy of Sonic Vs. The Black Knight anytime soon, you might be out of luck. With the upcoming release of Sonic Colors, Sonic Free Riders and Sonic the Hedgehog 4, SEGA is doing a little house cleaning, de-listing Sonic titles that have a poor or average Metacritic standing.

SEGA’s Senior Vice President of EMEA Jurgen Post explained that this was done to help “strengthen the brand” going forward, stating that having a large number of Sonic titles on the shelves will lead to a “cannibalization” of sorts. While it isn’t unusual for a company to phase out older games in a franchise to make way for newer titles, Sonic is sort of a special case considering how many mediocre games we’ve been plagued with since this generation started.

Fortunately both Sonic Colors and Sonic 4 are looking pretty good, so maybe it’s better to sweep those old ones under the rug. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to forget Sonic 2006, but what about you guys? Are the memories of old Sonic games still plaguing your thoughts?

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4 thoughts on “SEGA Admits to Making Terrible Sonic Games, Removes Them From the Shelves”

  1. I want the games to get better but its almost funny how bad they were getting. I would have liked to see it go a little further, I think we were one or two games away from them trying to make a “darker” “realer” more “gritty” Sonic… thatd be hilarious, Sonic: Arkham Asylum, except bad

  2. I think it’s a step in the right direction but none of it will matter if Sonic 4 and/or Sonic Colors aren’t any good.

    Sega is just desperate at this point. When you’re trying to win back consumer confidence by admitting that most of your recent games sucked…well, let’s just say that I appreciate your candor but that doesn’t necessarily fill me with confidence that you’re going to start making better games.

    Here’s an idea, Sega: How about you make a new Panzer Dragoon game and we’ll call it even?

    While you’re at it, if you could stop screwing around with these endless iterations of Phantasy Star Online and just make Phantasy Star 5, that would be nice too.

  3. In my opinion, Sonic Colors was a terrible game. Sonic Unleashed is probably still the best Sonic game out there right now

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