Ranking the Most Important Online Gaming Experiences of 2010

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The funny thing about online gaming is that it’s an experience that seems to get overhauled every few years. While still in its infancy compared to the longer history of gaming in general, online gaming is going to continue to change in marvelous and unexpected ways. I can actually still remember my first online game, which was in the older than old school Rainbow Six on the PC. After that, it was Quake 2.

As 2010 will soon be drawing to a close, Mashable is taking a look at the year in review for their upcoming popular Mashable Awards. One of their categories this year is “best online game”, so in preparation they’ve released this featured list of 5 Experiences that Redefined Online Gaming in 2010.

I have to say, it’s definitely an interesting read, and I can’t really argue with it. For one, they include Portal’s free release on Steam when it came to Mac systems (and let’s be honest, Valve finds a way to get Steam on a list like this every year). On top of that, they point towards both Minecraft and even Starcraft II’s removal of LAN play except over Battle.net as key moments in online gaming this year as well.

So what do you guys think of this list? What were some of this year’s biggest online developments? And on top of that, what were your favorite online experiences?

Source – Mashable

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One thought on “Ranking the Most Important Online Gaming Experiences of 2010”

  1. Once I got used to the format of CS, it’s really hard to enjoy another online games. I don’t like respawning, I like waiting for everyone on a single team to die / complete an objective. And in the mean while, talking to the regulars. I’ve always considered CS a chat-room that you can shoot eachother in, not a video game where you have the ability to chat.

    It’s the best memories I’ve ever had playing online, the most fun, and sometimes just sitting, spectating and talking with people I’ve “known” for 4 or 5 years is great too. It’s what I do when I have free time. It’s really hard to enjoy other multiplayer experiences unless they are co-op / LAN based other than CS now. They just got it right.

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