Poll: Twitter or Faceback Connectivity In Games?

A recent trend in video games that has slowly been building steam is linking your games to Facebook or Twitter, so all your classmates, coworkers and family members can see exactly why you left the family reunion early: to finally finish Uncharted 2 on Crushing.

Now, this kind of thing isn’t really for me, not because I’m ashamed of my nerdom status, but mainly because I don’t like to reveal my whole life on the Internet. Sadly, I think I am in the minority these days. I was curious if this was a generational hang-up or if my fellow gamers agree that they don’t really like these features. What say you?

What's Your Opinion On Twitter/Facebook Connectivity In Games?

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5 thoughts on “Poll: Twitter or Faceback Connectivity In Games?”

  1. “has slowly been building steam” … – You said it. What more do you need than STEAM?

    =D. I don’t want EVERYTHING to be connected. Steam (where I do 95% of my gaming) already has community pages, friendslist, a store, etc etc. My facebook is for my real-life friends. Sure, I have a few “gunfriends” (TM by roomates) on Facebook, But I would like to keep certain boundaries in place!

  2. Going on a 30 kill streak and “fragging ‘dem bitches” isn’t something you really want to brag about to your real life friends, relationships, and family.

  3. If there was some big strictly gaming twitter type website everyone was apart of I think itd be cool to show when I get an achievement or whatever. But soon enough people would be wanting to connect their facebooks and Twitters to it and its back to square one.

    Yeah but I have no plans to connect my gamertag to my facebook or whatever, I get annoyed when I see people asking for help building their barn in farmville… I imagine itd be like that for people who dont play my games.

  4. I find this idea of total connectivity to be a very annoying fad. It really needs to die. What happened to the good old days of putting in a cd and playing by yourself because your internet could not handle any multi-player. I agree with Julez that there has to be certain boundaries within your life; and also, “what more do you need than STEAM?” (Julez 1) <— woooh go procrastinating on a Poli Sci Essay.

  5. I have one friend on facebook who’s linked up his PSN account, so I see every time he buys a new game, or gets a trophy. In short, I’m not interested. And I don’t imagine anyone would be interested in my setting a high score in some Iphone game either. This really needs to die, and quickly I think. And considering the poll is 100%, 20 votes for “I will never use such a thing” right now, most/all of us seem to agree.

    I have no problem with facebook and twitter, I use the former regularly. But like you said Anthony, I’m not big on shouting out my life’s story to the internet. I guess I actually paid attention to some of Dad’s internet safety lectures that I used to get 🙂

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