GamerSushi Asks: What Are You Playing?

5 Oct 2010 | Posted by

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

Since I haven’t been playing very many games in the last few days, I thought I’d live vicariously through you guys. Caught up in the middle of a substantial amount of personal writing, I’ve set my gaming aside just a bit. It keeps nipping at my heels, too, but I try and resist as much as possible.

So, if I weren’t writing, here are the games I would be playing: Halo: Reach (Captain Grade 1, bitches), Lego Harry Potter (I refuse to return it until I get an achievement), Breath of Death VII, Dead Rising 2, and Minecraft, although I might cave and check that one out tonight. On my list for the next couple of weeks: Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

What about you animals? What are you playing?


  • Anthony said:

    Gears of War 2 and that’s about it. Some Reach on the side.

  • SK Beans said:

    Definitely Reach. Getting Major this week sometime.

  • Nero said:

    Got the Castlevania demo I’ve been playing that as well as some Red dead multi still trying to get the wild bunch tag can’t wait for the undead nightmare pack to be released really excited about that.

  • Nick said:

    Scott Pilgrim vs the World: The Game and Halo: Reach.

  • Mitch said:

    Halo Reach, Dead Rising 2 and MineCraft.

  • supernovaforce said:

    Not a lot at the moment, working too much. A bit of Mass Effect 2 here and there, about to start on Assassin’s creed 1 and 2. My neighbour’s kids convinced me to pull out my Pokemon HeartGold to trade with them, so I’ve been doing a bit of that too.

  • Newaythisckesgr8 said:

    Halo: Reach with a little MW2 so I don’t break anything. I have a hard time accepting that I need to play Reach just for fun and not worry about K/D ratio, but when I have such a good one in MW2, that’s hard for me to do and I think I should do just as good in Halo. I got very frustrated tonight and I didn’t even have a neg. spread all night. Just really small ones. Someone halp!

  • powen said:

    I am playing Halo Reach and COD World at War. The zombie mode is the best I think in World at War but that may just be me. Reach is really fun. Its just gives so much. Plus the background just looks stunning. And I going to try not to spoil too much but I really don’t like how Bungie killed all the spartans even if they had to do so just in order to make the story line work. I mean In Halo 3 Odst all the Odsts survive. But a highly trained group of Spartans just got killed is like really bad story. reminds me of Modern Warfare 2 and Modern warfare. So many dead main characters.

  • raider66 said:

    My xbox stopped reading discs and my ps3 got some weird error that doesnt let me boot it up, both in the same week… so Im slowly but surely lashing out against my friends and family, wondering if I should start my WoW addiction back up

  • SkubaPatr0l said:

    Battlefield is still going strong and MW2 on the odd occasion. I’m playing Bioshock again as the Skyoshock footage has me in a Shock mood and I’m having lots of fun with it.

  • Cossack69 said:

    Halo Reach, I’m gonna maybe try out Minecraft, and writing essays left and right for school.

  • Julez said:

    I’ve never actually finished Half-Life, So I started fresh yesterday. That, and after your talk about CoD 4 in the podcast, I had to go back and start a new campaign there as well.

    *waits for New Vegas*

  • Sean said:

    Halo Reach. Sadly thats it