GamerSushi Asks: Console Regret?

ConsolesAh, the path not taken. Going down that line of thought can lead one into dizzying paths of despair and eventually, inevitably, to alcoholism. But sometimes, just sometimes, it can be fun. Hopefully, this will be the one of those times. I got to thinking the other day about my video game history and all the consoles I’ve owned. I have no real regrets about anything I bought, although perhaps getting an Xbox during its heyday would have been a smart move, but that was more of a monetary decision than anything else.

Which leads me to our question: are there any consoles out there that you wish you had bought? Perhaps something that, looking back through the clear lens of the present, you know now that you should have experienced? On the other hand, are there any consoles you bought that you regret? Any Virtual Boy owners out there? Commence weeping!

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  1. No real regrets Most of the consoles i’ve owned still work though I do wish I could have owned a Dreamcast for the novelty value.

  2. Looking back I think it would’ve been cool to have a Saturn and play stuff like Panzer Dragoon, Shining Force III and NiGHTS in their time.

  3. I’ve always been a Nintendo fan, but sometimes I regret that I never got to play a lot of the really good Playstation games. My best friend had both a PS1 and PS2 so I got a bit of exposure but he didn’t buy a lot of the really big titles. So I’ve missed out a lot like all the final fantasys, MGS (played 2 but not the original), Symphony of the night, GTA, Kingdom Hearts, Uncharted, Killzone, God of War…. So many good games. I was also too young to be a part of the NES/SNES days, so a lot of games I have no idea about 🙁

  4. I’ve always been a pc/console gamer since I remember. The first console I got was a NES and then a SNES. I never owned a SEGA console but luckly I’ve been able to play most of the good games through the years. The console I really regret not having at the time is the original Game Boy. It was a huge step in technology and the fact that I could play Mario anywhere I wanted was really fascinating for me as a kid. I don’t remember its original price but very few people had it. A few years later I bought a Gameboy Pocket but it wasn’t the same since the Saturn and Playstation were already on the shelves and they were much more appealing. The Gameboy Pocket was essentially the same thing but smaller there was no real improvement so I guess I regreted it in a way.

  5. I wish I had owned a PS1 and PS2 to experience stuff like Shadow of the Colossus and some old classics in their heyday.

  6. [quote comment=”13885″]I wish I had owned a PS1 and PS2 to experience stuff like Shadow of the Colossus and some old classics in their heyday.[/quote]

    It’s crazy to me that PS1 (or especially PS2) games are considered “classics”

  7. [quote comment=”13888″][quote comment=”13885″]I wish I had owned a PS1 and PS2 to experience stuff like Shadow of the Colossus and some old classics in their heyday.[/quote]

    It’s crazy to me that PS1 (or especially PS2) games are considered “classics”[/quote]

    Some of those PS1 games are 12,13 or 14 years old if you think about it. I guess PS2 games are not retro but surely some are already classics in my opinion.

  8. I really wish I had been able to see more of what the Dreamcast had to offer when it came out. I also wish I could have had an SNES during its heyday as well. My neighbors had one, so the only way I was able to play the classics was to go over to their house. I was fortunate enough to experience Super Mario World, Super Mario RPG, Starfox and the like, but missed out on a few other notable titles until I had to pick them up on emulators or re-releases later.

  9. I regret getting a Wii… the only console Ive never had in my house at one point is the Dreamcast, so I guess I would have liked to try it

  10. I regret not getting a 360 as I’m behind all of you guys on Halo Reach, Mass Effect, etc.
    The future for my 360 isn’t looking too bright though. As I said in a post a while ago, I’d get something else instead and set me back in terms of money.
    What is that thing you ask? A girlfriend. So, not too bad a compromise right?

  11. Well, I had a Saturn, but I only used it to play Sonic 3D Blast! and I regret not branching out from that. I did try Nights, but I remember not thinking too fondly of it.

    I wish I had owned a GameBoy Advance so I could have played the Pokemon Red & Blue remakes. If Nintendo ever decides to port them to the 3Ds library, that will probably clinch it for me.

  12. Now that Mitch mentions it, I’ll throw in a GameBoy Advance so I could join in the Pokémon fad with my friends in school. That wasn’t really by choice, more my mum thinking that the PS2 was already taking up too much of my time. Foolish fool.

  13. The only console I ever purchased for myself was a SNES, and that was 3 years ago. However, I have spent thousands on PC’s, sooo I guess that makes up for it money-wise hahaha.

    But no, I don’t have regrets. I think a roomate and I are planning to buy a PS3 just to have a Blu-Ray player as well as a few games that would be fun for parties (i.e. Rock Band).

  14. Probably wish I had a Playstation 1. Dunno though.

    Never really bought something I didnt enjoy. Maybe the Gameboy DS. I used it, but not as much as I would have thought.

  15. If I have any regrets about consoles, it would be NOT getting a PS2 sooner than I had. Not to mention, my dad doesn’t like any console that isn’t a Nintendo product, or that utilizes a keyboard and mouse. I didn’t get it until Star Wars Episode III came to it, that being the only reason my parents got it. By then, I was way behind on the excellence of the PS2.

  16. I can’t believe that someone said that they wanted a Dreamcast for “novelty” value. The DC was truly one of the best consoles ever made and it has a killer library (most of which can now be easily downloaded and burned to CD-Rs since the system has practically no copy protection).

    I regret that my fanboyism prevented me from buying a Super Nintendo in it’s heyday. In my defense, I was in middle school and didn’t have the $200 bucks to throw out there on a system. It took me over a year of scraping together my allowances and money from mowing lawns to buy a Genesis before the SNES even came out. Never regretted that purchase, though, even though it meant missing out on the SNES.

    I wish I’d gotten a PS1 when it came out. Being a Sega guy, of course, I wanted a Saturn but I’m kind of glad that I didn’t go down that road (then again, if I had, I’d probably already own a copy of Panzer Dragoon Saga and wouldn’t have to gaze enviously at $250 copies listed on ebay). I didn’t buy a PS1 until 1999 and had been more or less out of gaming since about 1995 or so. It would have been nice to get in from the early days when the system was such an unexpected success.

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