Catching Up with the Castlevania Retrospective

When it comes to original video content, I think that GameTrailers has some of the best retrospective features around. They’re usually informative, entertaining and ridiculously well researched. And to top it off, they’re about some of the biggest franchises in all of gaming.

This week, in honor of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow’s release, they return with part 1 of their Castlevania Retrospective, which is all about the origin of Dracula and his sordid history with the Belmont clan. Having never played a Castlevania game (don’t tar and feather me, Anthony), this whole thing is pretty fascinating to me, and I’d be a crazy person to hear that music and see that gameplay and not start itching to pick those titles up. Going to have to add Symphony of the Night to the list, and soon. I seriously can’t get enough of these things.

Can we get a roll call from the Castlevania fans out there?

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2 thoughts on “Catching Up with the Castlevania Retrospective”

  1. I agree completely with Anthony, Eddy i hope you do indeed end up playing at least symphony of the night.

    On the other side of Castlevania i played the demo for Lords of Shadows and it looks just awesome the gameplay is typical hack in slash action, but I haven’t played a lot it seems like there are a lot of combos. I am very much looking forward to this game and the future of the series happily.

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