Mass Effect 2 on PS3 Will Use Introductory Module to Bring Players up to Speed

mass effect 2 ps3One of the biggest features touted for Mass Effect 2 was the ability to import saves from the original game and carry on your story as Shepard. While PC and X-Box 360 gamers world wide were able to enjoy this bonus, PlayStation 3 users are going to have a bit of a handicap going into the sequel due to the first game never making it to their system. BioWare, ever the crafty sorts, have a solution in the form of an introductory module. BioWare founders Dr Ray Muzyka and Dr Greg Zeschuk relieved a little bit about the module in a recent chat with CVG:

“What we’re providing is an introductory module. We haven’t revealed the details of what that is yet, but it’s going to provide a lot of information on both the context and setting of Mass Effect”

So nothing significant at this point, but its good to know that PS3 players won’t be totally in the dark when they step into Mass Effect 2. Hopefully this introductory module will enable gamers to make the big decisions from the first game in a truncated form, instead of having Mass Effect 2 assign them a pre-determined background like it did for the PC and the 360.

There you have it, PlayStation 3 folks, not only do you get all the DLC bundled with the disc when the game hits in January 2011, but you’ll also have an opportunity to catch up with the universe pre-ME2. This is definitely good news, and the more people that get to experience Mass Effect the better. Any PlayStation people excited about this news?

Source: CVG

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3 thoughts on “Mass Effect 2 on PS3 Will Use Introductory Module to Bring Players up to Speed”

  1. Well I’m still getting this and the first one on the 360 when I get it. I want to be able to experience the FULL Mass Effect universe experience exactly how I want.

  2. This seems like one of the more elegant solutions if you’re not going to re-release the game or just include it on the disc. I’m guessing it’ll be an interactive thing either packaged in the game or even downloaded via PSN. I wouldn’t be surprised if you used it to make big decisions from the game like a Choose Your Own Adventure book, and then it output some kind of save file for you to base your ME2 playthrough on.

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