The GamerSushi Show, Ep 9: Reach-Cast and Fall Gaming

Halo: ReachThe GamerSushi podcast is back with your regularly scheduled programming, and this time the main portion is a helping of Halo: Reach with a side of fall gaming. In this episode, we take a look at the big Bungie title and then do a rundown of all of the other titles we’re anxious to play in the coming months, plus we predict scores for some of the bigger names in a new, awesome segment. Throw in some community topics and the Nintendo 3DS, and you’ve got yourself a mighty podcast.

If I’m being honest, I think this is probably our best episode yet. We didn’t run into any technical difficulties, and I think we’ve finally nailed down a format for discussion that keeps things moving from topic to topic easily. But then again, I should just let you be the judge, since I’m biased.

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This week’s topics:

What Are You Playing?
Halo: Reach – is it worth the S score?
Variation in gameplay and Ghillies in the Mist
The movie Jaws and playing a game in its proper context
How Bungie won Anthony over with Reach

Fall Games of 2010
Most anticipated titles
Over/Under: predicting scores for AAA titles on Metacritic

Community Topics
Would You Rather: Plot Edition
What Does Your Game Handle Mean?

The Nintendo 3DS: Does it cost too much?

Trust me, this doesn’t even begin to scratch the enormous 2 hour surface of this podcast, which is packed full of Call of Duty: Black Ops, Fallout: New Vegas, your mom jokes and Legend of Zelda discussion as well.

The big question: What do you think of our fall predictions? What are yours?

Thanks for listening!

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6 thoughts on “The GamerSushi Show, Ep 9: Reach-Cast and Fall Gaming”

  1. Great Podcast guys really enjoyed your talk on the fall games and the over/under of them as well as the community topics mainly the gamer handles, also on a side not I appreciate that this didn’t turn into reach cast. Also really agree that more remakes should be like The Secret of monkey island remakes.your talk a few episodes ago on the Monkey Island 2 special edition made me make the purchase of it and not regretting it one bit very funny dialog and great commentary by the developers.

    Pretty much the best podcast you guys made. keep up the good work.

  2. Another great podcast, really makes 2 hours fly by! I too really liked the over/under section. I’m hoping FO:New Vegas lives up to my own dreams. I couldn’t get enough of Fallout 3 (as in restarting the game after losing a 25 hour-ish profile) so I’m counting the days!

  3. That was probably the best one yet. I missed Nick talking at the start detailing the contents, keep that in please!
    Also, I implore you to keep in the RE5 references as I love those. They’re a great running joke.
    Finally, keep the end-conversation in as it was REALLY funny, it may have been a on-off but do your best to keep this fan happy. 🙂

  4. Good conversations once again, and I love the new over/under feature. Also thanks Eddy for the honorable mention on my gamerscore lol.

  5. I must say its a little painful to hear your show guys… You’re always talking about these excellent older games and somehow you make me wanna play them again and I DON’T have the time. Jokes aside: Another great podcast. Yes this is one of the best eps yet. Jeff was a lot active in this one. I like his perspective because he was absent of gaming for a while.
    It’s really funny when he says COD4 sounds like a fish.

  6. Oh I forgot to mention that someone joined our CS 1.6 server about a month or two ago with the name “my little pwny” and I laughed really hard and told him how fantastic that name was! Got a good laugh at that point.

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