Nintendo 3DS Screenshot Comparisons Might Surprise You

Metal Gear Solid 3 3DS

As much as I might express concern over the still unsure pricing of the Nintendo 3DS here in the U.S., I’m going to swallow my pride and just admit that I want one more than you can imagine. Although I suppose you could imagine it if you tried really hard and thought about something you really, really wanted, but that ruins the illustration, and makes you a jerk.

Anyway, while I knew from trailers and screenshots that the 3DS had rather impressive visuals, the only real way to tell just how much better Nintendo’s new handheld looks over its predecessor is to see side-by-side screenshots. On top of that, how much better do the remakes of the old N64 games like Ocarina of Time and Starfox 64 appear? The answer could be shocking (hint: it’s “a lot”).

Check out the comparisons after the jump.

First, we have the newest shots that show the Nintendo 3DS versus N64 remakes. I was seriously impressed by these. Who would have thought they looked so much crisper, and weren’t just simple ports? Images from IGN.

StarFox 3DS vs StarFox N64

StarFox 3DS

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (3DS vs N64)

Ocarina of Time (3DS vs N64)

Here are some comparisons of Nintendo 3DS shots vs Nintendo DS shots. These are older but still impressive.Images from Pikimal.

Super Mario Kart 3DS vs DS

Mario Kart 3DS vs DS

Animal Crossing 3DS vs DS

Animal Crossing 3DS vs DS

There are more images through each of those links, such as shots of MGS 3, Resident Evil and Street Fighter 4, all just as if not more impressive than these. Seriously, I’m even more stoked now than I was before. What do you guys think of these screenshots? Do they change anything for you?

Sources: Cubed3 and Pikimal

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4 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS Screenshot Comparisons Might Surprise You”

  1. That is unbelievable. Surpassing of the PSP? im not sure techwise but Star Fox 64 has got me pumped as well as Ocarina.

  2. do you hear that sound its the sound of my wallet crying as it loses three hundred of its friends, well better start saving.

  3. Haha, that was pretty funny, Nero. I’ll remember that one.

    Man, these shots look stupidly good. While I’m excited about MGS3D and Ocarina 3D, what I really want is for Ninty to comfirm GameBoy Advance games on the marketplace so I can finally play Pokemon Fire Red. What What?!

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