GamerSushi Asks: Favorite Legend of Zelda Scenes?

If you are a true gamer at all, you probably have played a Legend of Zelda game. Having played and finished all of them but one (Spirit Tracks), I consider Zelda to be one of my favorite series of all time. The story is simplistic, though occasionally it can surprise you, but the real draw is the gameplay, which is nothing short of sublime.

However, that isn’t to say that the franchise has not had its share of memorable moments and I think the list on is worthy of notice. Although, to be honest, my favorite scene, shown in the above picture, is of Link delivering the death blow to Ganondorf in the most brutal way possible in The Wind Waker. It’s an enduring image that I will never forget.

What do you think of the list? Is there a scene you feel was omitted or undeserving of a spot? What would you have added to the list?


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9 thoughts on “GamerSushi Asks: Favorite Legend of Zelda Scenes?”

  1. I’m actually very surprised that the Final Blow from OoT wasn’t on there.
    That, of the scene from Majoras Mask when the four spirits come to stop the moon. I believe I remember seeing that on a list somewhere as the best video game cut scene of all time, not sure where though.

  2. That Gannondorf finish is one of my fave in any game. Another Wind Waker cut-scene I’d add would be the one where you have the final showdown with the flying thing (it’s been so long, it was a bird with a mask/helmet-hybrid right?) as this was the decisive showdown with an enemy that had been effectively griefing you throughout the course of the game.
    If only Other M had cutscenes like these right?

  3. When You-Know-Who destroys the You-Know-What, meaning that Link can never go back to the You-Know-Where, it was actually quite a touching scene. I liked Twilight Princess as a whole, and a few of the darker scenes stand out as being quite poignant, but the scene I just described definitely takes the cake. Which happens to be a lie. Oh well.

  4. How dare you mention Wind Waker! In all seriousness I think the entirety of Ocarina of Time is my favorite. That game was just pure bliss.

  5. Riding Epona across grass of Hyrule, the beautiful evening sun slowly sinking into the background… and then the drawbridge closed and i spent a long night killing skeletons. Which scared me as a small child.

  6. I used to sail around in Wind Waker just to hear the sailing music, its still on my ipod to play when Im just driving around

  7. Gah, all this talk is making me wish I played more of Wind Waker. I borrowed it from a friend but didn’t get very far before I gave it back. It just didn’t grab me at the time. Now I’m wishing I could play it again… 3DS remake please?


    Nah, Wind Waker definitely beats all for cut scenes. I can remember more of that games than any Zelda besides Majora’s.

    Dragon Roost Island still has one of the best backing music pieces that I can think of, except for Gerudo Fortress in Ocarina.

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