Duke Nukem Forever Live Video Takes the Piss Out of Gaming

Duke Nukem Forever, shown in its resurgent form at PAX 2010 thanks to Gearbox Software, is finally gaining some momentum and is actually coming to home systems next year. The game has only been shown behind closed doors so far, but plenty of off-screen footage has been taken. This most recent video, taken at the Firstlook gaming convention in Amsterdam, shows that the humor that was prevalent in the series back in the day is still permeating the title. Whether or not people still find this stuff funny is up for debate, but I thought I’d post the video anyways since I know a bunch of you are jonesing hard for this one. The game actually starts going at two minutes in if you want to skip Randy Pitchford’s pontificating.

I’ll admit that the game itself actually looks pretty good, and the fight against the giant alien is pretty intense (who doesn’t use God Mode at demos?), but the attempts at toilet humor just didn’t do it for me. Also, when someone is urinating, can’t you typically see their equipment? Methinks Duke might be compensating. As always, we’d love to know what you guys think about this new video. Do you bet on Duke, or was this video not doing it for you? Are you maybe dreading the inevitable destruction of the world that will prevent this game from ever coming out? Go!

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3 thoughts on “Duke Nukem Forever Live Video Takes the Piss Out of Gaming”

  1. Ugh. I have never cared for this juvenile schlock. The macho antics make Gears of War look like Limbo.

    But I will likely rent it just to hate.

  2. I can’t help but love Duke. He’s every 80s action hero stereotype rolled into one hilariously inappropriate character. The funny thing is that the joke itself is now outdated. Nobody under 25 remembers all the characters that Duke is supposed to be spoofing.

    Then again, given the ultra-macho stylings of Gears of War and Army of Two (which I could never figure out if I was supposed to take seriously or not, to be honest), perhaps there’s a new generation of video game action heroes ready to be mocked by the “juvenile schlock” Duke Nukem is so willing to deliver.

  3. the re-announcement of Duke Nukem Forever could not have been timed better, right after The Expendables comes out and reinvigorates the appetite for the cheesy 80’s B-movie action flick BOOM Duke Nukem is here. I mean Duke is really just Van Damme on steroids…er…I mean more steroids.

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