Take A Leap With This XBLA Marketplace Deal: Spend 2400 Points in October, Get 800 Free

Fresh off a successful Summer of Arcade, which included the critically and commercially acclaimed Lara Croft: Guardian of Light and Limbo, Microsoft is offering an October thank you gift for those of us who might have missed out on these or any other games on XBLA. It’s quite simple:

During the month of October, spend 2400 Microsoft Points on Arcade games and/or game add-ons and you’ll get 800 Microsoft Points added to your membership as a thank-you gift.

Now for those of you without an abacus, 2400 Microsoft Points is $30 and 800 Points is $10. So spend $30, get $10 back. Not too shabby a deal and I am already off to the races by buying Breath of Death VII. Okay, it’s not exactly a rousing start since it only cost $1, but I have the whole month to do it. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

However, if you, like me, are baffled as to what to purchase, check out this handy list of The 23 Best XBLA Games from the nice folks at GamePro. There were quite a few gems on there that I wasn’t aware of, so it might come in handy in helping you decide what to buy.

Is anyone else going to partake in this offer? Any games you love that you recommend I pick up?

Source: Xbox.com

Source: GamePro

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4 thoughts on “Take A Leap With This XBLA Marketplace Deal: Spend 2400 Points in October, Get 800 Free”

  1. You already mention Guardian of Light and Limbo. I’ll add to that Shadow Complex and Mass Effect 2 Lair of the Shadow Broker. I wonder if Bungie Pro counts as well? It’s a shame this came AFTER I bought all of those things I just listed, but it’s a nice bonus for people that haven’t jumped in to them yet.

  2. Im thinking of getting Battlefield 1943, maybe if the Gamersushi got it it could be our next community game, although id guess the servers are relatively unpopulated.

  3. Just as an FYI for other deals, on the dashboard right now you can buy 24 months of Live AND 1600 microsoft points for $84. If you consider the price increase starting soon, that’s a saving of $60.

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