Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare DLC Trailer Confirms Zombie Bears

As tired as I am of the zombie saturation fad that’s going on, I’m a little ashamed to admit that the Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare DLC trailer made me want to go find a copy of the game and play it immediately. As the title clearly indicates, this DLC pack adds a new mission, namely that there are zombies in them there hills, and it’s up to John Marston to find the cure and stop them.

Admittedly, this all sounds so ridiculous, but the new trailer nails the execution. The description also hints at zombie animals and confirms zombie bears that will mutilate you, because, why not? For anyone that’s played the game, the idea of an undead cougar sniping me off the top of my Hungarian Horntail horse is both frightening and titillating. While there’s no official release date, we can only assume that the “very soon” text indicates Halloween.

Anyone going to dead eye some zombie hordes when this finally drops?

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6 thoughts on “Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare DLC Trailer Confirms Zombie Bears”

  1. Zombie BEARS?! Ladies and gentlemen, we are royally fucked. Those things are hard enough as normal enemies but this is ridiculous.

    Also, if you’ve finished the story mode, *SPOILER YOU PROBABLY ALREADY KNOW* do you think you’ll have to kill John (again)? Like Dr. Ned? *END SPOILER (spoilers if you count that Borderlands one)* Interesting dilemma no? Although I’d say you would have to access it from the options menu just like replaying old missions so maybe not.

  2. New title: “Re-Dead Redemption”

    This trailer gave me giggles and made me squee with delight. I love me some Red Dead, and I really don’t mind another Zombie horde mode. It really seems like I have a higher tolerance to repetitive gameplay or same-y gamemodes. Whatever, I’m not complaining. Plus, it looks like there’ll be a story mission, too, which will be fun. Cool beans, I’m looking forward to Undead Nightmare.

  3. I want to start the mission as Jack, then see how long he lasts as I put the controller down…

    I do love a good zombie mode though, as long as it doesnt take away from the main game, and since this is coming well after we can rule that out. I just hope they can get a lot on screen at once, Id rather fight 10 guys that take 1 bullet to kill then 1 guy who takes 10 bullets to kill any day.

  4. This actually looks pretty good. I’m not as tired of the zombie fad as everyone else is, so I might consider getting this. It all depends on how my Fall gaming goes. There are a lot of titles coming out that I want to try. Nothing is saying that I can’t play in the new year, though.

    I wonder what other kinds of DLC we will see for Red Dead, or is this sort of a last-hurrah? I hope not.

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