Outland Trailer Shows the Battle Between Two Worlds, Also Pretty Colors

It’s sort of a running thread around here lately that downloadable titles are owning big full-price titles, something we mentioned on our last podcast. Just to add another bullet point to that argument, I would like to introduce you to Outland, the new side-scrolling platformer from Housemarque, the development studio behind Super Stardust HD. I saw this game running at PAX 2010, and the first thing that immediately caught my attention was the awesome art style. Take a look at the trailer and see for yourself.

Even if it was the sort of generic “PERIL OF TWO WORLDS OH NOES” type of story, the graphics are enough to get me anticipating this. Apparently the gameplay is sort of like Ikaruga where you need to switch colors to damage foes or interact with the environment. Blue bullets won’t hurt a blue suit, and vice versa. Consider me psyched for this, at least. Anyone else interested in this game? Are you finding yourself anticipating download titles more and more often?

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2 thoughts on “Outland Trailer Shows the Battle Between Two Worlds, Also Pretty Colors”

  1. The boss at the end looked pretty badass, Im liking the art style but that bright green/yellowy background is probably my least favorite color

  2. this > the new castlevania game

    It looked to me that it was the opposite and blue bullets won’t hurt the blue suit. That would fit the evil vs good kind of theme they have going. I like the bright colors. We have too many games that are too realistic till the point where they are not realistic any more.

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