Zombies Return for Call of Duty: Black Ops

nazi zombies black ops
One of the surprise features in Treyarch’s 2008 Call of Duty entry World at War was the inclusion of the four-player co-op mode Nazi Zombies. Fans of CoD were originally dismissive of this offering, but those of us who played it quickly fell in love with the shambling hordes of Third Reich undead. Nazi Zombies featured a scaling difficulty that meant later rounds necessitated a good team working together, otherwise your soft flesh would quickly provide sustenance for the ravening swarm.

Nazi Zombies quickly gained in popularity throughout World at War’s life-span, with Treyarch adding new maps and even a mythology behind the game. Now that the Call of Duty off-team is up to bat again, they’re putting Nazi Zombies into Black Ops, but tuning it up for the upcoming release. Studio head Mark Lamia gave this little snippet in regards to the return of the walking dead:

“Zombies have been such a hit with our community that we were committed to bringing brand new zombie experiences to Call of Duty: Black Ops. We’ve taken extra special care to retain the essential ingredients of our Zombie game, and have also crafted a nice surprise for the fans.”

There’s nothing else beyond that, but one can only imagine what Nazi Zombies (or Communist Zombies?) is going to look like after two years in development. There have been a lot of changes to Call of Duty since then, so one can only suppose that the mode will change to compensate. I know that my purchase of Black Ops hinged on a Zombie mode, but what about you guys? Ready to kill some whiskey deltas? When more details unfold, we will be sure to include them. If you’re the kind of person who likes a good teasing, Call of Duty: Black Ops site GKNOVA6 has what you’re looking for.

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6 thoughts on “Zombies Return for Call of Duty: Black Ops”

  1. I wouldn’t say this hinges my entire descision on whether or not I get it but, yeah, I guess it is a factor. The overall package is what I’m interested in. If the multiplayer is balanced this time round then I’m all for it.

  2. Zombies, yay! I had a lot of fun in W@W’s zombies, especially Shi No Numa and Der Riese, so I’m excited to see the revamped zombies and that surprise in Black Ops. Plus, I’m always a fan of game mythology especially when it’s incorporated into the game as easter eggs and whatnot, so it’ll be cool to see what those dirty commies did with the Nazis’ zombie project. Overall, I have a feeling Black Ops will redeem the series from MW2’s faggotry (btw I never say “faggot”, so you can see how much I hate MW2) in terms of traditional multiplayer balance and cutting down on the noobiness and of course the reinitiation of Nazi Zombies.

    btw, Whiskey Delta, clever.

  3. I always hated the Nazi zombies mode, it seemed like they just threw two ideas from their two competitors of (Gears of War 2’s horde and L4D’s zombies) together and made a redundant mode just to be able to say the have it. I was bored with it by one match.

  4. Yeah, I’m not really sure. I loved Nazi Zombies in W@W, but I did only play a handful of matches in it. Even still, I’m guessing I’m going to be playing this either way come November.

  5. I felt World at War was a huge disappointment. I’m glad I got it for Christmas and didn’t pay for it myself. I don’t even remember if the PC version had the nazi zombies mode? Anyways, this might be cool, I really do like the idea of scaling difficulty and survival mods in any game, so I’ll be giving this a try if I’ve got some friends who want to do it along with me.

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