Everything You Wanted to Know In This Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Gameplay Trailer

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow drops next week on October 5th, and if the earliest reviews are any indication, the game could be a darn good one. To prep fans for all the changes and things to expect in this newest iteration of the long beloved series, Konami has released a brand new gameplay trailer that demonstrates how this is no ordinary Castlevania, and how they intend to take the series down a new path.

With Hideo Kojima in charge, I’ve been impressed with some of the cinematic trailers I’ve seen, and this 11 minute dose of gameplay and introductions is something I wish more game studios did with new releases. If you’ve been on the fence about Lords of Shadow, I’d recommend checking it out, as this might tip you one way or the other.

So, who plans on checking this out? What did you think of the trailer?

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3 thoughts on “Everything You Wanted to Know In This Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Gameplay Trailer”

  1. For some reason it feels like this has been done before…
    oh yah God of War, Dante’s Inferno. coolio, will not be checking out.

  2. Leaning towards buying this after watching the trailer, also is it me or does Gabriel Belmont kinda look like Da Vinci in AC2.

  3. Looks better than I first thought. I mean sure it’s kind of a God of War rip-off and I still don’t get why people don’t prefer more soul-ability-based combat and puzzles (yeah I loved Aria of Sorrow, so sue me), but the story and art design look very interesting. The graphics are quite realistic, but the lighting and vibrant colors make it gorgeous and intriguing.

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