GamerSushi Asks: Things You Hate in Gaming?

Fetch Quest

I don’t generally consider myself a picky gamer, but when something taps into one of my pet peeves, I obsess about it until I go into a fit of epileptic nerd shakes. This list includes some of the following: mess-up-once-and-you’re-done-gameplay, artificially lengthening a game through menial tasks such as fetch quests, not being able to pause or skip long cut scenes, and one of my all time favorites, terrible friendly AI. OK, it’s not actually my favorite. It’s called facetiousism and I just made it up.

On the topic of things that suck in games, GamesRadar has entered the conversation with a hilarious feature titled Things I’m Sick of Games Making Me Do. I totally agree with nearly everything on the list (except climbing, which I can never get enough of), and the last one actually packed quite a lulz-punch, if you know what that means.

So what things do you guys hate in gaming? Go!

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2 thoughts on “GamerSushi Asks: Things You Hate in Gaming?”

  1. *Gasp* Father Ted reference at the end of the article! “So yeah … down with that sort of thing!” Careful now! 😀
    I disagree with some of those things. I don’t mind lockpicking in Fallout 3 (best lockpicking system in a game ever IMO) and the stealth mechanics in Uncharted 2 are great. It gives you plenty of tactical options for one thing and, well, it just works! Wind Waker’s stealth section was one of my least enjoyable gaming memories though.
    Also, climbing rocks!

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