Tell Us We’re Wrong: Re-Rate Our Reviews

crackdown 2Normally you guys are pretty accepting of our review scores; there’s some mumbling and grumbling when we rate things a little too high or low, but it’s usually pretty mellow. I know under all that patience is a bubbling crock-pot of hate, ready to come bursting from your finger tips like magma from a volcano. This is the opportunity for you, the GamerSushi community, to give your opinion and re-rate our reviews.

We’ve been talking internally about changing around some scores for a while now, and, as Eddy mentioned on the podcast, the further we get into a given year the more some titles stand out or fade away. For example, I kind of want to change Alan Wake to a B and bump Red Dead Redemption up to an S. Alan Wake sort of fell apart in the last bit and didn’t have that much content compared to this year’s other big A games. Conversely, Red Dead offered so much and was a fantastic looking engaging game. As time has gone by, I’ve forgiven the control and ending issues I had, and I’m kind of regretting my score.

So, we pose the question to you guys: which review scores would you change? Remember to give your reasons, and we’ll take this into consideration in the future. Go!

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6 thoughts on “Tell Us We’re Wrong: Re-Rate Our Reviews”

  1. Gears of War 2 to an A. A B is way too low for the awesome campaign with great co-op, good multiplayer, and the game that started it all with Horde. Alan Wake I think remains at an A. Splinter Cell Conviction I would bump to a B because I had some great co-op fun. Halo Legends would be upgraded past an F, although from what I’ve seen Legends is a big love or big hate kind of deal. I liked it a lot and I think F is way too low. And Mass Effect 2 is totally an S, I’ll be playing that game and reminiscing about it for years to come, I think you guys proved it should be changed with the latest podcast.

  2. Yeah for the most part i agree with you guys’ reviews but i’d probably knock down god of war III down to an A considering that its more of the same and I feel 2 was much better.

    Arkham Asylum is an S in my book as well as Dragon age which I sunk more money and hours into than fallout 3.

    Other than that you guys have great insight on video games.

  3. Mass effect 2 was deserving of an S in my book. Amazing characters and a total revolution of the first ME’s combat and inventory system made it better in so many ways than the first. Although the final boss was disappointing, the DLC has more than made up for it, especially the Shadow Broker, which was amazing.

    I would also give Halo: Reach an A because i don’t think the campaign delivered enough, the characters didn’t hit it with me… I still think the original is my favorite.

  4. Red Dead Redemption is an S. It’s truly a shining example of the Westerns and Open-World Games, so it ascends its few hiccups.

    War for Cybertron is a C. It’s not better than the mediocrity of Alpha Protocol from what I’ve seen and heard.

    God of War III is an A at the very most. The series is great, but God of War III’s lackluster story keeps it from beating God of War 1 which deserves an S.

    Halo Legends gets a B. What the hell is wrong with you guys, it was enjoyable.

    Modern Warfare 2 gets an F because obvious troll is obvious. lolno, at most it gets a B. Its multiplayer is fundamentally broken and poorly made. Besides that, the campaign, while exhilarating, is not Call of Duty material; it’s an action movie, and the fact that MW2’s style clashes with the series keeps MW2 from getting up to an A. Yeah it’s popular, but so is crack cocaine.

    Oh, and Starcraft gets a D. OBVIOUS TROLL STRIKES AGAIN!

    Yeah that’s about it. When are you releasing the review of Kane & Lynch 2? lolololololololol

  5. Looking through the reviews, I definitely noticed some I would bump up a notch (MGS4, Fable II, SC:C, FFXIII) and down a notch (GoW3), but the one that really stuck out to me was Prince of Persia. A “D”? Really? I know I liked that game more than most, but that game is deserving of at least a “B”, and I would give it an “A”. Even the reviewer mentioned that he thought it would get a “B”, but changed his mind. The gameplay was excellent (despite not being able to “die”), graphics were beautiful, voice-acting was top-notch (if not a few too many “fertile grounds”), character chemistry was believable, and the crowning achievement of that game was story, something the reviewer blows off as “not much” or something like that. Sure, the plot has been done before, but the characters who pull it off make it human, and the ending of that game was one of the best moments in my gaming history. When you realize what you’re doing…

  6. I think, ultimately, it should be the reviewer who decides the score considering it’s their review. I don’t have too many qualms with the scores as I feel your reviews are well articulated enough to justify your reason for the score bar MGS4, but I’m a fanboy so no score is high enough IMO lol.

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