The Sound and Fury of Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout’s biggest hook, at least for me, is the technology, envisioned as an extension of the 1950’s wistful imaginings of the future. All the computers are big, bulky and full of vacuum tubes, and the guns fire iridescent blobs of green plasma. It’s got a sort of innocent charm the belies the often brutal nature of post-apocalyptic survival, and the team at Obsidian is kicking the technology up a notch for New Vegas. While the game has the typical range of conventional weaponry, new types of energy guns will be included, like the Recharge Rifle, which replenishes its internal battery instead of requiring ammo. Pretty neat, if you ask me. Take a look at the most recent New Vegas Developer Diary for some other changes, including a look at the game’s sound design:

I tried the grenade machine gun during my hands on time with New Vegas at PAX 2010, and it is just as fun as it sounds. I also like they way Obsidian is taking the desert environment into account with distance being factored into how you will perceive sound. Despite some reservation on this title due to the fact that it is in the hands of Obsidian (no offense, but they don’t exactly have a stellar track record), New Vegas is shaping up nicely. Any opinions on the weapons and the auditory goodness in New Vegas? What system will you play it on? Fallout: New Vegas will be out October 19, 2010.

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3 thoughts on “The Sound and Fury of Fallout: New Vegas”

  1. What do you mean “they don’t exactly have a stellar track record”? What about Knights of the…oh… uh, what about Alpha Pr… hmn. Never mind.
    Regardless I’m going to have faith in them even if they don’t exactly deserve it.

  2. Yeah, I pre-ordered the game on Steam before realizing it was by Obsidian, but regardless, I’m super excited to get back into the wastes.

    p.s. *jealous of the recording studio set up*

  3. Not nearly detailed enough for a behind the scenes. “Let’s talk about guns for ages and then have two sentences on the sound design and music.”


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