GamerSushi Asks: Building Your Own Game?

EVE OnlineWith all the sharing we’ve done here over the years, I’m starting to feel like I understand a bit of everyone’s gaming preferences. Truth be told, I wouldn’t mind playing a game designed by a few of you guys. In a perfect world, all of us at GamerSushi, community included, would be CEOs of our very own gaming giants, with millions of dollars to throw at all kinds of awesome projects. Sadly, none of us have this option, but a boy can dream, yes?

What I wanted to ask is this: do you guys have a dream game that you would make if you could? What kinds of features would it have, and what other games would it emulate or build upon? For me, I’d want to make the kind of game I still feel like I haven’t played: a sandbox story. We’re getting used to incredible sandbox games in the last few years, but the closest thing I’ve seen to an organic sandbox story would have to be some of the craziness that goes on in EVE.

So, how about it? What kind of game would you make, if you had the chance?

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6 thoughts on “GamerSushi Asks: Building Your Own Game?”

  1. Ugh, my problem is that I’d shove too many ideas into one compromising the overall quality.
    One of the few solid ideas I have is a BFBC style FPS (ie. Squad focused, objective based, class based, vehicle oriented open-map-type gameplay). It would have a similar setup to MAG (choose one of 3 sides with unique play styles) and there would be all thee sides in the one match (with MAG esque numbers on all sides to add to the large scale battle feel) and all three would be fighting a war (eg, WW3/resource war/etc) and the maps are different areas on the planet which are fought over by each team. Similar to EndWar the war would end each month and start over each time. The winning faction would get a bonus, say more in game currency per match, after each war is won.
    Severe punishments would be dealt to non-team players or those who don’t do their job (I’m looking at you, BFBC engineers who NEVER destroy vehicles!).
    I don’t know if that was the type of response you were looking for Eddy, but as an aspiring game designer I’ve got too many ideas locked up in my brain waiting to be released for everyone’s enjoyment.

  2. This is tough. The thing I can think of the most that I would like to focus on would be dynamic music. Having the music really shape around what’s going on as opposed to just 3 or 4 themes that kick in here or there. I’m not just talking jump on yoshi and some drums kick in, but some real dynamic stuff. Maybe the 2nd player controller would allow a friend to “conduct” a virtual symphony while you play, so if you’ve got a smart friend who knows a little about ambience, he could really pump up the good parts.

  3. Ooohohohohoooh. My boy, you have just given me the podium. Hooohohohohohoooh.

    Alright, well in fact I have many games that I view as my crown jewels so…this is going to be very difficult. I really want to tell you guys my ideas because you’re all cool guys, but sadly the intertubes are evil and I just can’t jeopardize my concepts, so forgive me for being quite vague. I wish I didn’t have to be.

    Well, this is very basic game design, but essentially it would be an action-adventure platformer-puzzle game where you can manipulate the earth with your god-like powers. The story is pretty much a myth about a guy who gets powers from a demon and goes around affecting the world with his geomancy. The writing style is similar to Paradise Lost in terms of word choice and such, so I get very flowery and Bible-y. I was inspired by Shadow of the Colossus, Majora’s Mask, and Paradise Lost to make my own myth and present it in this way. The mythology is totally original and the world has its own language, kinda like the gibberish in SotC although I’m already at work creating the rules and phonemes. I was thinking of putting mini-myths that expand the mythology around the world in the form of tablets or drawings on the wall, kinda like data logs. It’ll be cool. Very artistic. The music will feature monks, boneshaking brass, a harp, and a piano. It’ll sound very eerie and enchanting.

    I’m debating whether to make it photorealistic (like SotC) or maybe have a bit of fun with making it an original art style.

  4. Oh boy, EVE Online is really all I’d ever want. That is, if it didn’t manage to suck up all my time and have a monthly fee. If EVE didn’t do those two things, I’d call it the perfect game.

    Anyways, my dream game has already been made in some respects. Games like Far Cry 2 or Operation Flashpoint are on their way there. But if I were to make my own game, I’d go for a tactically realistic squad-based shooter.

  5. Loving the comments here. Cossack, your game actually sounds really awesome. I totally understand that you can’t (and probably shouldn’t) share anymore than that, but hopefully someday we’ll get to see more.

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