The Grand Theft Auto 5 Wish List

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Just a few months ago, if you had said the words “Grand Theft Auto” to me, I might have done a terrible Niko Bellic impersonation or laughed in your face, spouting all the predictable things I’ve come to repeat about GTA 4 and what a let down it was for me. Granted, that would have been before Red Dead Redemption, which has renewed my interest in Rockstar games, and given me hope for the inevitable Grand Theft Auto 5.

The lovable dudes over at GamesRadar have put together a bit of a wish list for Grand Theft Auto 5, plotting out all the things they’re dying to see. As is the case with their other wish lists, I really like some of the stuff they mentioned, particularly the bits about the driving, more wide open spaces and a new time period. I know I constantly get mocked for this, but I just want a GTA that takes place in the future. Call me crazy.

What do you guys think of this wish list, and what would you put on yours?

Source – GamesRadar

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4 thoughts on “The Grand Theft Auto 5 Wish List”

  1. I totally agree with the GTA in the future idea.
    To that end…spaceships, laser guns, and light sabers. Woot!

    Super powers. Think infamous/prototype but to the tune of GTA.

    Also nuclear weapons (to destroy everything with) or some other crazy WMD (For the NSA anaylst reading this: we’re talking about video games, so no worries).

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