Little Big Planet 2 Beta Produces Vietnam FPS, Zone of the Enders and Street Fighter II

Wow. The more I see about Little Big Planet 2 and its incredible sandbox, the more I can’t wait to play it. The beta for the game is currently underway, which means that players are creating all kinds of madness that has been previously unknown to us. However, the NDA for the beta has finally lifted, which means that we are now getting to see just what people have been up to in secret. Some of the results include an FPS, Zone of the Enders and Street Fighter II. And frankly, the clips are incredible.

First, we have the Vietnam-themed first person shooter. While it’s fairly basic, I’m actually quite impressed with the graphics here, and the possibilities are enough to whet the creative appetite for more.

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Next up is Guile’s Street Fighter II stage, complete with Guile and Zangief. According to the creator, you can actually shape individual sackboys and give them new proportions, as well as fighting moves based on rotators and other customizable features. Color me impressed.

And lastly, we have the most impressive stage of all in my mind, the Zone of the Enders remake in Little Big Planet 2. I loved this game when it released on the PS2 (particularly for the MGS2 demo), so it’s nuts to see it created in a sandbox title like this. Love the effects and the rotating camera, as well.

So what do you guys think about all of this? What other kinds of games do you think would be possible in LBP2? Who’s planning on getting it when it releases November 16?

Source – Kotaku

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  1. Awesome. I can’t wait to play it. I’ll probably get it for christmas though. As it turns out, I can wait.

  2. Black Ops looks awesome.

    lol This makes me wanna get a PS3…if I had the money. I just love this kind of ridiculously awesome customization power.

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