Fanmade Minecraft Trailer Has Both Mining and Crafting

For the last few weeks, I’ve been hearing more and more about the game Minecraft, the sandbox game that allows players to shape the world as they choose, albeit in pixelated blocks of wood and stone. Full disclosure: I don’t know much about the game, so if you do, feel free to explain some more in the comments, but from what I can tell, it was developed by one person and is currently taking the indie gaming world by storm.

While the game is normally just 9 bucks, it’s actually free to play indefinitely while creator Markus Persson works on getting everything back up and running. To me, the most interesting aspects of the game, on top of building whatever you want, is the idea of community construction and fashioning the world together in a multiplayer setting.

Anyway, this Minecraft fanmade trailer really has perked my interest even more than it was originally, and I’m tempted to try this out. Have any of you guys played this current PC sensation (looking at you, karhax and Muaddib)? Please share your thoughts!

To check the game out, go check out the Minecraft website!

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4 thoughts on “Fanmade Minecraft Trailer Has Both Mining and Crafting”

  1. Is it just me or did he rip the music from Inception.
    I don’t know about other people’s experiences but I have only played on the free survival version that is very limited in terms of features. And that version is only single player. But I still found it to be very fun and interesting. I would like to relate it to a RPG and also to G-mod. I think that this game premise if it is taken by a good studio can be made into what I always wanted a MMO to be. I like the whole craft a world together aspect. I must give the guy props for it, becaue it definitely is a refreshing experience. You should give it a try and if you like the free modes; buy it. I would of bought it along time ago if I was not dirt poor.

    P.S. apparently there is a “free-to-play” weekend so you should give it a shot.

  2. Have been playing Minecraft since before survival.

    The game is a definite buy. The only limit to how much fun you can have in this game is your imagination.

    You can build giant castles, underwater cities or just explore an infinite randomly generated world in a boat.

    You can build a railcart system to travel around with.

    Lots of great stuff, and more will be added.

  3. Ever since Valve posted about minecraft on their blog I have been playing it. The single player is really fun. The mining and building can be really engaging and eat up a lot of time, but after you have mined more diamond than you can use you wonder what else there is to do. So you click on that multi player button on the main screen and connect to a server (after finding a decent one online of course). It’s is truly wonderful spawning in a world that is developed not by you. You start to see things that make you think of how silly and uncreative your house in single player was. Eventually you get around the world and have seen a few cities made and you start to want to make your own impact on this community. This is where you can get some friends to join in and building something really cool together. For example, I got my friends into the server I found and we made a big glass dome underwater. We haven’t finished the buildings inside yet, but it looks really cool inside and out.

    Everyone should get this game before you buy it when it becomes more expensive.

  4. Mind Heist makes everything better.

    I don’t know much about Minecraft either, but it looks interesting, and even if it’s $9, I think I’ll get it. Maaaybe.

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