GamerSushi Asks: What Are You Playing?

Reach Screenshot

Although I think I’m going to know the answer for the half of the comments on this one, I’m going to roll with it anyway. It’s been a few weeks since we’ve asked what you guys were up to, and now is as good of a time as any.

For me, I’ve been dealing with Mass Effect 2 DLC, which, seriously, Lair of the Shadow Broker is incredible. In addition to that I’ve also been doing a little bit of Lego Harry Potter (yes, really). And most importantly, the title that has sucked away my life for this entire last week: Halo: Reach. Hopefully a review will be coming soon, but I really love the game, and haven’t been this absorbed in one for as long as I can remember. It’s owning my sleep, my interactions with people, everything. Just the way a good gaming binge should.

So what about you guys? What are you playing? And on top of that, who has Reach and would be up for a community play date sometime soon? Go!

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  1. By the way, the screenshot for this post is actually a pic taken from me, Nick and Anthony’s co-op game the other night. Pretty sweet!

  2. Yeah, I’ve been playing Reach to death. I’ve already accumulated 1/10s of the games I played in Halo 3, and I keep coming back.

    I kinda was just going around during the Gaming Dry Season playing games I hadn’t touched in a long time or ever played (Amnesia, Conviction, etc). I’ve yet to touch the ME2 DLC, but I’m going to soon enough.

    With this holiday season coming up, I’m definitely gonna be getting Dead Rising 2, Black Ops, Medal of Honor, and BC2: Vietnam. 2011 already holds some cool titles (Portal 2, GoW 3).

    I’m totally up for playing with ya’ll, although I seem to always be away when you’re on (doh.)
    GT is Sondoman

  3. Like you Eddy, I am playing my way through Lair of the Shadow Broker.
    Actually I am replaying the whole of Mass Effect 2 because I romanced Jack on my first playthrough, but for my saved game for Mass Effect 3 I want to have stayed with Liara and this new DLC reignited the my love Liara? (too nerdy?)

    I’m also playing Starcraft 2, I just can’t stop. The competitive gameplay in leagues is wonderful and if I’m ever on a bad run I just switch out and play a few custom maps. I’m looking at getting Reach for Birthday or Christmas hopefully because it looks and sounds amazing.

    Also on a side note, was just reading the Smooth Few Films website and saw your birthday post. I’ve been there from episode 2 of series one of the Leet World. My friend on xfire sent me a link to your page claiming it would be better than Red vs Blue, which it totally was because I hated that machinima. Which brings me to here, I just followed you when you set up GamerSushi because SFF updates are few and fair between when you aren’t producing a series. I pretty much check GamerSushi everyday now and prefer it over big game review sites for my source of information, so please keep up the great blogging and hopefully machinima/mini live action series.

    (Sorry for long post, had to get that out of me)

  4. + rep for Minecraft

    spent way too much time on that. It is just too addicting to build tree forts. As for games I have been playing recently I have been playing the counter-strike source beta. woot nothing much else.

  5. Finished Lair of the Shadow Broker, probably one of the best DLC’s I’ve played in a while.

    Moved on to Halo Reach won’t be leaving reach for a while I feel.

  6. I’ve been playing Gaylo Reach Around for the past couple days without going on the internet much, and really only stopping to go to school.
    I played campaign on Normal all in one sitting, and it was incredible. It really nailed the sense of tragedy but with a side of hope. ‘Twas an excellent to complete the series. Nowadays I play a ton of Invasion and Team Slayer. I totally rape at Elite Slayer thanks to Evade and the Plasma Pistol, and also me and my buddies at Forge Hub get together often to play some team games online and we’re very tactical and awesome. Reach is awesome, although I’ve found some disappointing limitations in some of the gametype and map editing features…but, I can forgive the tiny details. Kinda. Still, it’s a fantastic game and certainly the best in the series – yes, even better than Halo CE, although CE is still amazing.

  7. Played through DA:O Witch hunt and i am extremely disapointed in it, but other than that nothing really till Dead Rising 2 makes an appearance on a ps3 near me.

  8. I may actually be close to getting a damn 360 at last. I’m not far off £250 so the Limeted Ed. Reach 360 shall (hopefully) soon be mine! Hopefully.
    Right now I’ve just been doing multiplayer quite a lot with my friends on BFBC2 (we’re getting psyched for Vietnam), Burnout Paradise which we all got round to getting (btw Anthony, I beat a couple of your records) and some Worms. Good ways to relax after a school day.

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