The Many Companions of Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout: New Vegas companions

The apocalyptic Wasteland can be a lonely and bizarre place, especially for gunmen hopping around on RPG-like quests and equipped to their teeth in dangerous weaponry. Naturally, slaughtering ghouls and all kinds of other baddies in the Mojave is a grim task to face alone. So that’s why Fallout: New Vegas, like Fallout 3, allows you some tag-alongs in the form of one humanoid and one non-humanoid buddy with which to explore the expansive desert.

In a recent update on the Playstation blog, Bethesda Senior Community Manager Matt Grandstaff outlined the possible Fallout: New Vegas companions that we can look forward to meeting in the sequel to the hit Fallout 3. The list actually gives quite a bit of detail on the various friends you can partner up with, and they come in all shapes and sizes. There are dudes, dames, dogs and even a mutant named Lily who looks like Beast straight out of the X-Men.

Anyway, totally worth checking it out, especially for the non-humanoid companions. With this game only about a month away from release, who’s getting more anxious for it to finally be here? What do you think of the companions?

Source – Playstation Blog

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4 thoughts on “The Many Companions of Fallout: New Vegas”

  1. I did my first play through of Fallout 3 without even knowing about the companion thing. I’m neutral on having someone tag along with me.

  2. I’m definitely gonna be using Rex. I enjoy having animal companions follow me along, not questioning a single thing I do. Fallout 3, Fable 2, and Dragon Age all had great dogs.

    Bonus point for him being a pre-war dog.

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