Team Ico Collection for the PS3 is Happening

Shadow of the Colossus

I guess it’s for real this time.

Several months back, there was a rumor that a Team Ico Collection coming to the PS3 at some point in the near future. This little anthology would feature both Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, upgraded to glorious and stunning HD to match their already gorgeous art design.

Well, this juicy rumor has now been proven real, and confirmed by this week’s issue of Famitsu, the Japanese gaming magazine. Now, when it will release – and for what price – is still up for grabs. However, there are rumors going around placing its release in March or April 2011 for a price of about $40. Call me crazy, but I like it.

While I’d rather be playing the game at Christmas, I guess I can live with getting this game next year, because let’s face it – these are two of the greatest games of last gen, put together on one disc for our enjoyment. Who else is ridiculously excited about this?

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  1. I never played Ico, much to my disappointment, so now I’ll have no excuse to miss it! I want trophies for killing those lizards though, I need a proper reward unlike that secret garden.

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