Mario Celebrates 25 Years of Stomping Goombas

There are a few times when I feel older than my years, despite the fact that I am only 23. One example is that children born when Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone came out are now teenagers. The other is that, 25 years ago today, Super Mario Bros. graced the Nintendo Entertainment System and changed the way we viewed home entertainment. What started that day in 1985 was just the beginning of a life long journey for Nintendo from a small playing card company to the video game giant it is today. Mario has been through a lot of changes in his life time, and Nintendo has cooked up a video to celebrate.

Watching that video brings a smile to my face as it makes me remember all the great times I’ve had playing Mario games over the years. Although Nintendo doesn’t really click with my anymore, there’s no denying that they were a powerful force in my childhood, and probably ruined my willingness to engage in physical activity for the rest of my life. Do you guys have any memories about the plumber? Any game you remember more fondly than the others? What do you hope to see from Mario in the next 25 years?

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4 thoughts on “Mario Celebrates 25 Years of Stomping Goombas”

  1. Mario 64 was me and my cousins on my dad’s side’s childhood, although my cousins on my mum’s side had an NES so I did play the first Super Mario Bros. And Duck Hunt.
    Mario 64 is the best Mario game in my humble opinion. A nice balance of puzzle, platform and exploration sections made it a well designed and memorable game. I haven’t enjoyed the Mario Galaxy games though, they lack most of what made 64 and Sunshine really good.

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