Play as a Creepy Zombie Baby in Dead Space 2

Dead Space gained instant cult status amongst gamers, becoming notable for its chilling atmosphere and unique combat mechanic of dismembering foes instead of going for headshots. The game rightly got a bit of stick for essentially boiling down to an extended “Mr. Fix-It” run inside of a derelict spaceship crawling with flesh-rending foes, but it had a lot going for it under the hood, so we’re getting a sequel in January of 2011. One of the things that Visceral Games is adding this time around is multiplayer, and GTTV had an episode up last night with the exclusive reveal. If you ever played through the original Dead Space wishing you could control a dead baby with tentacle-like appendages on a mission to devour your friends, you are in for a treat.

Looks pretty interesting in my opinion, if a little reminiscent of Left 4 Dead’s versus mode. I doubt that the trailer showed all of what is shipping on the final product, but it looks like a four on four blood and guts fest is in the cards. Visceral Games is sure on track to live up to their moniker. Any thoughts on Dead Space 2’s multiplayer? Is the game on your “must have” list, or does the addition of multiplayer make you wary? Tell us in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “Play as a Creepy Zombie Baby in Dead Space 2”

  1. This game was already on the top of my must get list. The addition of multiplayer gives me hope that in the future or in this game that coop will be added or a horde/beast mode will be added. I think it would be cool if they have the same equipment upgrade system for multiplayer that they do in single player.

  2. I am not sure about the multiplayer yet. It seems a little to much like L4D 1&2, which has pretty much perfected the 4 on 4 competitive multiplayer genre, so I hope they make sure it is fully realized otherwise I think people will just stick with L4D 1&2. I also really hope that the inclusion of multiplayer does not effect work on the single player campaign. so far the enemies I know of are,

    The Pack, the Kid necromorph things, that can jump onto humans, temporarily incapacitating them. Aka the Hunter from L4D

    Spitters, which…well…spit acid. Aka the spitter from L4D2

    Pukers, which…puke. Aka The boomer from L4D.

    Lurkers, they are the baby necromorph things that shoot spikes or something like that. basically they can climb up walls and on the roof, sort of like the smoker maybe?

    I am looking forward to Dead Space 2 I just hope they can do something to differentiate themselves from L4D 1&2, and that the single player can live up to the original as well as fix some of its problems (Isaac, thanks for fixing the air filter, and the turrets, and the gravity, and the thrusters, AND the shields, but the generator just broke go fix it!).

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