FireFall, the Free-To-Play Sci-Fi MMO

Somehow I missed this game during my time and PAX, and now I am made to rue my mistake. I think I might have glanced the booth for this title once or twice, but I passed it over in favor of games that were of a known quantity. What a fool I was. Apparently, in my ignorance, I was missing out on a fantastic demo for a free (our favorite word) sci-fi MMO. Not just free to play online, or what have you, but costing a total of zero dollars to download and install. Made by veterans of both World of Warcraft and Tribes, this MMO hopes to lure you in with its appealing price tag and then gain its profit back through microtransactions. While this model works well in Asia, it has yet to really take hold here in North America (with a few exceptions). This game may be the one to do it though. Take a look at the video and see for yourself:


For a game that’s being dished out for free, this is looking pretty fantastic. It’s a combination first and third person shooter with the requisite RPG elements. You can fly around in your ship, upgrade your ridiculous looking suit, and take part in randomly generated quests (the village siege at the end was an example of that). What do you guys think of FireFall? Does it catch your fancy? Any reservations about the microtransaction aspect? You’ve got a while to think about it, as the release date is set for Fall 2011. Tell us your thoughts!

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2 thoughts on “FireFall, the Free-To-Play Sci-Fi MMO”

  1. I saw this at PAX and was able to sign up for the beta. Never got around to seeing the live demo, but while waiting in the Dragon Age line I saw the trailer like 50 times, then when it was time for them to start another live demo, the line moved around a corner so I couldn’t see it.

  2. oooh this one looks very good. I like the city being attacked, it definitely adds to the experience and immersiveness. I hated how for the most part cities were safe zones. The art style seems reminiscent of TF2 to me. But this might be the MMO to actually get me to touch one. I never touched one before in case of the whole addictive nature of them.

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